Hidden || A Harry Potter Story [Book 1]

While Harry Potter spent his first eleven years living under the stairs, his estranged little sister lived with Remus Lupin.
A week before their parents' death, Sirius Black took the baby girl with him and left her in Remus' care. Eleven years later the little girl received her Hogwarts later and embarks her journey at the magical school. How will everyone react when they find out that the girl is The Boy Who Lives little sister?
This is Charlotte Potter's story.

{takes place during CoS and PoA}
(All credit goes to the artist of the cover, however the edit is mine)


18. Charlotte's summer adventures a/n

So I wrote this a couple days ago on my phone but the Movellas app is like really shitty and it crashed and deleted all of it sooo I'm here, a day later, and I'm ready to rewrite it haha.


Hello everybody! How are y'all? so I just want to say that I want to take a break from writing this book just so that I can have a bit of summer break before I spend it from behind a computer screen. I hope you understand and arent mad at me, so I should continue this around July/August so keep a look out ;)

And to clear any confusion on what i'm doing: the 2nd year is going to be included in this book (Hidden) and then the other 5/6 years will be split up in two other books

tbh I hope this year will be more fun bc I personally disliked the Chamber of Secrets book/movie so it wasn't hat much fun writing this haha.

Butttt anyways I need to go & continue to watch netflix and other summer things, so this is where I leave you for a month...

So I hope you all have a fantasic summer and enjoy it to its fullest!! I love you soooooo much :)

And thank you so much for the 4.4k reads, like wow, that's more than I expected out of this book lmao


If y'all have any questions or comments about the book, characters, or yours truly ;) (haha jk) leave them in the comments below and I'll try my best to answer them!

Love you all,

Jordan :)

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