Charlotte Potter, The rumored sister of The Boy Who Lived. She never had to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs. No, Charlotte was raised by an old family friend.
When she turns eleven she receives her Hogwarts letter and the magic begins. Experience the magical adventures with Charlotte and her friends at Hogwarts!


8. Chapter 8

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"Out'a the way! Out'a the way!" The caretaker, Mr. Filch, croaked as he arrived at the scene. Charlotte stood behind the Gryffindor's head boy, Percy, and she saw that Mr. Filch started to panic. "My cat! What have you done to my cat!" He cried out, Charlotte didn't notice before; but Mr. Filch's cat was hung by the tail on a torch.

Harry tried to explain himself, but she could see that that would get him nowhere. The students around Charlotte seemed to be terrorized of Harry, the whispers and the comments they said about him were nasty. Instantly more teachers approached Harry and Mr. Filch. "This boy had murdered my cat. I want to see some punishment!"

Dumbledore took the cat off the torch bracket. "Please, Mr. Filch if you will follow me. As well as you three." He said pointing to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. As they left with the cat, Professor Sprout waved her hands in the air, "Away with you! Off to bed!"

Everyone was quiet as they left the message on the wall until Charlotte could hear whispers behind her saying, "Isn't that Harry's sister?…Do you think she's up to it too?"

"Hey, you! Aren't you Harry's sister?" Someone yelled at last. She turned around and saw everyone gather around her. She nodded, her voice was gone.

"You up to Harry's nonsense too?" A tall Ravenclaw blurted.

"No! I don't even-" Charlotte tried to speak.

"What's he doing this time?" Another interrupted.

Finally the boy, Draco Malfoy, came up to her with his pointed chin up high. "What's wrong, Potter? You don't want to spill your brother's secrets?" All of the other voices died down, as Draco and Charlotte glared at each other.

"My name is Charlotte; and I have no secrets to spill. Harry didn't do anything." She declared.

Draco smirked, "Is that so? Were you there to see if he did it or not?"

"Well no– but I wasn't– I mean I–" She stuttered.

"Shove off, Malfoy." One of the twins yelled and grabbed Charlotte by the shoulders and pushed her out of the circle. He walked her to the staircase where the other twin was waiting for them. "Don't let him bother you too much. If he does, just let me n' George know. We'll give him something to whine about."

Charlotte laughed. She liked the Weasley's, if only Ginny liked her. They were the first ones to reach the common room and they bid each other a goodnight. As Charlotte reached her dormitory, she could hear cries coming behind the door. Once she got inside, she realized that the sound was coming from Ginny's bed. The curtains were closed, as usual, so she went close to it. "Ginny? Ginny, is that you?" She asked quietly.

"Go away, Charlotte." Ginny wailed. She could tell by Ginny's hoarse voice that she had been crying for a long time. Charlotte was becoming irate, she wanted to help her friend but she kept pushing her back.

"Ginny, I just want to help."

"You- you can't, so just leave me alone. Please." Charlotte had enough, she didn't understand why Ginny didn't like her; Charlotte has been nothing but nice to Ginny. She left Ginny alone and sat on her own bed. One by one the other girls returned to their beds, they all fell asleep. Before Charlotte closed her eyes she heard Ginny's sniffles become less audible.



 As the week continued, all Charlotte heard about was Mr. Filch's petrified cat. Between classes students would sneak to the hallway where the message was wrote and they would see Mr. Filch pace back and forth. On Tuesday Charlotte passed by Mr. Filch and giggled at one of Bryce's jokes when Mr. Filch pointed his wrinkled finger at her and yelled, "That's a detention for you, Potter."

So on Wednesday after her flying lesson she had to go straight to Professor Snape's dungeon to serve her detention. To her surprise she found Harry in there as well. "Harry, what are you doing in here?" She whispered, he showed her the scraper in his hand and continued to peel off worms from the desks.

"Ah, Miss Potter." Professor Snape sneered. "You will be joining your brother today, take this." She was handed an identical scraper to Harry's and she began to scrape off the guts of a tubeworm off the front row of desks. After what felt like an hour, Snape dismissed them but not before adding to Harry, "I hope now that you are aware that you are an older brother, you will become a better influence and stop your rambunctious ways."

Charlotte said goodbye to Harry as he made his way to the library and she made hers to the common room to finish her eight inches of her herbology essay.




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Practice makes Perfect

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