Charlotte Potter, The rumored sister of The Boy Who Lived. She never had to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs. No, Charlotte was raised by an old family friend.
When she turns eleven she receives her Hogwarts letter and the magic begins. Experience the magical adventures with Charlotte and her friends at Hogwarts!


3. Chapter 3

Charlotte’s anticipation grew bigger with every day that passed after she received her Hogwarts letter. There were around two weeks left in August and the first term started in about twelve days. She hadn’t looked out the window in the living room in weeks and had instead daydreamed about what it would be like at Hogwarts. She could have friends and learn about the magical world. She would be where her parents learned too.

“Charlotte get your coat, we’re leaving.” She heard Remus say from the kitchen. She got up from her chair in the living room and went towards the door and grabbed her grey coat from the coat hanger. She waited by the door for a couple minutes while Remus finished up in the kitchen. As Remus walked towards the door she was twirling the flowers in the vase. “All done, ready?” He said and Charlotte nodded. He opened the door and they walked out.

About two hours later, with the help of muggle transportation systems, Charlotte and Remus arrived outside a tiny pub that was between a large bookshop and a record store. “On we go.” Remus simply said as he and Charlotte made their way across the busy road and onto the sidewalk next to the pub. Charlotte had never liked taking the muggle way to get to the pub, The Leaky Cauldron; but instead liked to take what she’d call ‘the wizard way’ by using the Floo network.

They entered the pub and Charlotte took a moment to let her eyes adjust. The place was very dark, only being lit by the six candles mounted on the wall. The large window had been covered up with a deep red curtain. She noticed a large man sitting on a stool with a glass held in hand laughing with the woman in his right. A tall woman was propped against a post with The Daily Prophet in her hands. Remus put his hands on Charlotte’s shoulders and directed her towards the back door. “Tom.” Remus casually said as they passed the bald bartender.

“Hello Remus. Charlotte.” The man spoke back as he wiped a cup, “What brings you two here?”

“We’re buying school supplies today.” Remus responded as he patted Charlotte’s shoulder. The old bartender nodded and started to fill an empty glass with dark brown liquid before handing it to an old witch. Remus led them to the backdoor and he touched the bricks which made the rest move on que to form an archway. “Ah, Diagon Ally, where to first?”

Charlotte shrugged as she watched Remus pull out the supply paper. He read over everything she needed and stuffed it into his coat pocket. “I need to go to Gringotts; you stay here and get some ice cream, okay?” He said handing her five silver sickles. She nodded happily and they parted ways.

She strolled along the walkways in Diagon Ally and looked in all of the shops’ windows. The buildings were very tall and some even tilted over the street. The streets were very crowded and witches and wizards were rushing from store to store, some with books piled high in their arms and some carrying large cauldrons. Charlotte finally spotted the bright yellow shop with tables scattered around its entrance. She looked above the door and saw the green words spell ‘Florean Fortescue Ice-Cream Parlour’ and just as she reached to door handle somebody else pushed it open and almost ran into her.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” A dark headed boy said to her as the door closed behind him. She studied him for a moment, he looked very familiar but she couldn’t place his face. He looked around her age, if not older. Maybe he lived in one of the villages she had once lived in and she had seen him there.

“It’s alright, I should have been looking.” Charlotte replied to the boy, noticing his light colored eyes. They simply smiled at each other before she turned around and opened the parlor door; she looked through the glass and saw the boy run off with a couple other kids.

She bought herself a strawberry and banana ice cream, her favorite, and walked outside to sit at one of the tables. Charlotte licked her ice cream as she watched a cluster of young witches run towards the bookshop. She had noticed that a lot of people had pushed themselves into the bookshop and that there was a very large crowd of overflowing wizards in front of it. “There you are,” Remus said walking towards her; he had a leather pouch which she assumed was filled with gold. “Let’s go. It looks like a lot of people showed up today.”

They first went into a store that made Charlotte’s hand go right to her nose; she had never smelled anything so terrible in her life. There were all kinds of herbs hanging from the ceiling and many jars containing colored powders lined the shelves in the small shop. Remus picked up some items in small containers and held them in his arm. He went up to the man that worked at the shop and asked him something about potions.

When they got out of that shop they went over to Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions. When Charlotte opened the door the little bell chimed and a little, fat woman, known as Madam Malkin, waddled over to her and Remus. “Hogwarts?” She asked in a high voice. Charlotte nodded and Madam Malkin brought her over to a footstool. Charlotte got on the stool and the old woman pulled a robe over her head and began pinning. Remus and the woman had a very long conversation about an article they read in the Prophet while Charlotte stood on the stool, getting pricked with a pin every now and then.

It was a long time before they left Madam Malkin’s, after she was done pinning the robes Madam Malkin and Remus had talked for another hour and Charlotte was so bored she had picked up an old newspaper from the front of the store and started to flip through it. “That wasn’t so bad, now was it?” Remus said once they had finally gotten out of the store. Charlotte nodded and he motioned her towards the bookshop, which was still crowded from when she got her ice cream. Remus bought her books and they got out as quickly as they could.

“That was him? That was Gilderoy Lockhart?” Charlotte asked as they walked along the paved path.

“Yes, still can’t believe Dumbledore would allow him to be professor. Why, I could be a better professor than that bloke.” Remus said, hint of annoyance in his voice.

They finally made it to their last stop, Ollivanders. Every time Remus would bring Charlotte with her she would always beg to go into the shop to look at wands, even though they never did. Charlotte walked in first and was immediately taken aback. Small, narrow boxes were stacked neatly right up to the ceiling, it was dark in the shop as well only having an oil lamp and the windows to light the room.

“Good evening,” Said a voice that belonged to an old man sitting on a stool behind a long desk. He got up and moved closer to Charlotte before he looked up towards Remus, “Ah, Remus, still have the Cyprus wand, I assume?”

“Indeed I do, Mr. Ollivander.” He replied back. Mr. Ollivander’s eyes went from Remus back to Charlotte and smiled at once.

“I know who you are.” He said, his silver eyes twinkled. He turned around and sat behind his desk. “You look like your mother.” She watched him as he pulled out a yellow measuring tape.

“You knew my mother?” She said curiously. Charlotte would take any chance to get to know more about her parents since Remus didn’t like to talk about them.

“Oh, yes, yes. I remember when she herself came here to buy her first wand.” Mr. Ollivander said as he measured her arm. “Which is your arm wand?”

“My right, I guess.” She said wearily. Mr. Ollivander walked towards the shelves full of boxes and began to rummage through them. He would pull one out, look at it, then shove it back into the pile.

He finally picked one out and came back to Charlotte, “Nine and a quarter inches, dragon heart string. Willow wood, bindy.” He said, as he held the wand from the box in his hand. Mr. Ollivander handed Charlotte the wand and she flicked it, papers scattered everywhere in the room. “No, No. That won’t do.” He took the wand from her and opened up a different box.

"Eleven inch, Unicorn hair. Rosewood. Flexible.” Charlotte waved that one, and it too made another mess. Mr. Ollivander shook his hand and took the wand away. “Alright, let us try… this one!"

“Phoenix feather core, ten and a half inches, Cypress wood.” She whipped the wand and boxes from the shelved flew through the air and crashed onto the wooden floor. Charlotte heard him sigh before he took the wand away from her.

“Let’s try it once more, shall we? Eleven and a half inches, Unicorn hair core, Alder wood. Exceptionally good with charm work.” Charlotte took the wand from him and felt it warm her hand and sparks flew out from the tip. Remus clapped and put an arm around her as Mr. Ollivander cheered, “Wonderful, wonderful. Very good, indeed.”

Remus took out seven galleons and handed them to Mr. Ollivander. “Yes, that wand will do you good, Miss Potter.” He simply said before he bowed and went back towards his desk. Remus and Charlotte walked out of the wand shop and Charlotte was still holding her wand, amazed by its beauty. It was a light mahogany color with little rings engraved into its handle. This was it, she was now an official witch, just like her mother.


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