Charlotte Potter, The rumored sister of The Boy Who Lived. She never had to sleep in a cupboard under the stairs. No, Charlotte was raised by an old family friend.
When she turns eleven she receives her Hogwarts letter and the magic begins. Experience the magical adventures with Charlotte and her friends at Hogwarts!


16. Chapter 16

They stood outside Professor Dumbledore's office, waiting for Harry to open it. They were all covered in dust and they had done their best to shake most of it off. The door swung open and inside Charlotte saw the headmaster and Professor McGonagall standing in a corner.

"Ginny!" A voice screeched as they entered the office. A woman with flaming hair just like Ginny ran to her and swallowed her into her arms, Charlotte guessed that she was her mother. A man, with red hair also, came to Ginny and hugged her after the woman. Her father, Charlotte assumed. She looked at the parents, loving their child after a near death experience, and wondered if her parents would have done that if they were still alive. She thought of her mother, running up to her and giving her a warm and loving embrace, and her father smiling and relieved to know that his daughter was safe. Charlotte wondered if Ginny knew how lucky she was, to have the chance to know that her parents loved her so much. Charlotte became envious for a moment before she realized what she was doing; she abruptly stopped thinking of her friend that way and reminded herself that Ginny could have died.

"You saved her!" The woman exclaimed, flinging herself onto Harry and into a painfully looking hug.

"Yes, and how exactly did you do that, Mr. Potter?" Professor McGonagall asked. Harry looked at Professor Dumbledore before he started telling the story of how they had managed to get into the tunnel and how he found the Chamber of Secrets. It took a long time, apparently the chamber was farther than Charlotte thought, she was shocked to find out that she never heard the large snake while she and Ron were clearing the rocks.

"Well, I think it best if Miss Ginny would go to the infirmary," Professor Dumbledore said, eying the crying girl. "You have endured a lot of stress and I would think that rest and possibly a cup of hot chocolate would set you at ease."

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley took Ginny by the hands and they left the office to go seek Madam Pomfrey. Professor McGonagall left as well to give orders to deliver an owl to Azkaban to release a certain friendly half-giant.

Dumbledore sat in his chair, staring intently at the three students in front of him, "As I recall, I remember telling you two that I would have to expel you if you broke any more rules."

Charlotte looked at the two boys, astonished. Expelled? Ron looked to have gotten paler as Harry seemed to find the floor very interesting. "However, I will see that you three do not receive that punishment but instead awarded for your service to the school." Dumbledore looked at them with a twinkle in his eye.

"Well, we are being mighty quiet for such an extravagant adventure, Professor Lockhart." He says, noticing the man sitting on the floor.

"Professor, his Memory Charm backfired and he seems to have lost his memory." Charlotte said quietly, not wanting to meet the headmaster's eye.

"Dear me," He said, scratching his long, white beard. "well, Miss Potter, I hope I can ask you and Mr. Weasley of one more favor." Charlotte looked up and saw him looking at her endearingly. "Would you please take him to the infirmary, while I have a few more words with your brother?"

Charlotte nodded. She felt it odd for Dumbledore to refer to Harry as her brother, she had barely accepted it herself. They had tried to act like siblings, but they had only known each other for a rough year. Charlotte looked at Lockhart and got him to his feet with the help of Ron and the three went throughout the castle until the reached the hospital wing.


The end of the year feast was far more spectacular than any other thing Charlotte had ever been to. Everyone who was petrified had returned happy and healthy. Hagrid had returned from Azkaban and was cheerful and warm as he gave Charlotte a loving hug. The Great Hall erupted in cheers when it was announced that exams were cancelled. She was very glad for that, Charlotte hadn't studied since Easter break. The desserts were the best ones she had all year and after the feast she and Ginny went back to their dormitory and relaxed. Ginny seemed to be very chirpy, her cheeks were bright and red,and her smile never faded. They laughed and talked and when the other girls came back, they joined in.

The Hogwarts Express was stopped at Hogsmade, waiting to go back to Platform 9 3/4. Charlotte and Bryce said their goodbyes there as they both had promised to sit with other people. They waved on last time before Charlotte went to find Harry and his friends.

Riding back to London was very fun, Fred and George accompanied Charlotte, Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione and they were constantly joking and laughing. The compartment was full of chocolate frog cards and Bertie's Beans and when the platform came into view, Charlotte was excited to tell Remus how her year had gone.

'You will write to me, won't you?" Charlotte asked Harry as they were exiting the train.

"Yeah, of course," He said, hugging Charlotte one last time. "I hope you have a good summer."

They went through the enchanted wall and parted ways shortly after. Charlotte saw Harry walk to a family, there was a large man, a large boy, and a thin woman. She was about to follow him and talk to the people when she heard behind her, "Charlotte!"

She turned around and saw Remus smiling down at her, she hugged him tight and looked up at him. "Remus?" She said, and him humming in response. "Do you think Harry could come over sometime during the summer?"


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