Hidden || A Harry Potter Story [Book 1]

While Harry Potter spent his first eleven years living under the stairs, his estranged little sister lived with Remus Lupin.
A week before their parents' death, Sirius Black took the baby girl with him and left her in Remus' care. Eleven years later the little girl received her Hogwarts later and embarks her journey at the magical school. How will everyone react when they find out that the girl is The Boy Who Lives little sister?
This is Charlotte Potter's story.

{takes place during CoS and PoA}
(All credit goes to the artist of the cover, however the edit is mine)


16. Chapter 15

Harry removed the invisibility cloak as soon as the three reached Professor Lockhart's office. Lots of movement and noise was coming from the room and when Charlotte knocked, it fell quiet. The door cracked open, Lockhart's blue eye peeped through it.

"Mr. Potter- Mr. Weasley- Miss Potter-" He stuttered. "I'm rather busy at the moment- perhaps it would be best to return later."

The three burst into his office and they all looked around. The room had been stripped; there were no more posters on the wall or hats on the hangers. Bags were hastily stuffed with clothes and shoes were sprawled throughout the office. "Are you going somewhere?"

Lockhart quickly glanced at Harry, "Well I- there was an urgent call- unavoidable- and I-"

"What about my sister?" Ron yelled. Lockhart looked embarrassed as he stopped packing and looked at Charlotte, Ron, and Harry.

"I'm terribly sorry about that- most unfortunate." Lockhart quickly said, once again putting papers into a case. "I do regret, but I really most be going-"

"You're leaving?" Charlotte finally shouted, causing him to jump.

"Well- when I took the job, nothing said anything about -" Lockhart mumbled as he piled his brushes into a bag.

"You're running away? After all you've done in your books?" Harry's face had gone red.

"Books can be misleading." Said Lockhart, not looking up.

Charlotte couldn't help her attention as it drifted away from the argument and onto the amount of luggage the man had. The room was more than half full of different sized bags and they were all full of useless junk he so desperately needed. Her mind finally caught up with her and she shook her head to regain her attention to the man.

"-and now there is just one more thing." Lockhart said, pulling out his wand towards them. Charlotte's eyes widened. What had she missed? "I'm awfully sorry, you three, but I can't have you telling all my secrets, now can I?"

"Expelliarmus!" Harry shouted, and Professor Lockhart flew backward, his wand flying out of his wand and Ron catching it.


They walked to the girl's lavatory, which Charlotte thought was extremely odd. She just hoped Harry knew what he was doing. Professor Lockhart was in front of them, Ron and Harry's wands were to his back. They walked in to find a ghost sitting on a toilet. "Oh, it's you." She said. Had she met Harry before?

"Hello, Myrtle. I need to ask you a question..." Harry started, watching the ghost as she floated closer to them waiting for him to continue. "how exactly did you die?"

Charlotte was in disbelief when she saw that the ghost wasn't offended, but was instead looked to be flattered. "Oh it was dreadful. I had hidden in here because Olive Hornby was teasing me about my glasses. I was crying when I heard somebody speaking. They said something funny, a made up language. I realized that it was a boy speaking so I opened the stall door to tell him to go away, and then... I died."

"How?" Harry said. Charlotte thought he may have been stepping on thin ice, but Myrtle continued.

"I don't know. All I remember was seeing great big, yellow eyes over there by that sink." She pointed at the sinks in front of her cubical. The two boys rushed to them, but Charlotte and Lockhart were stiff, terrified, what a horrible story! Myrtle looked to not be saddened by it but excited to be telling her story. Myrtle caught Charlotte looking at her and started to frown. Not wanting to upset the ghost, Charlotte politely smiled and thanked her.

"Harry, say something in Parseltounge." Ron encouraged. Charlotte walked over to the sinks and found Harry examining a tap. Harry's eyes looked up in confusion, but he nodded and looked at the sink.

"Open up."

"That's English, Harry." Charlotte said. Harry rolled his eyes and focused on the sink. He then said something that was not English, it involved hissing and barely sounded human. The sink began to sink and left a large pipe exposed.

"Very good, Harry. Well there seems to be no reason for me to stay-" Lockhart lunged forward to escape but Ron and Harry pushed him back and almost made him fall into the hole of the pipe. Terror hung on Lockhart's face.

"You first." Harry spoke, pointing his wand at Lockhart.

"What good will it do for me to-" Ron quickly gave Lockhart a push and the man fell backwards down the pipe. His screams filled the bathroom but soon ended with a thud. Harry jerked his head and Ron and Charlotte hoped into the pipe after him. The pipe opened into a large dark tunnel and Charlotte hit the sides of the pipe each time it curved. Soon she slid out of the pipe and landed close to Harry who was brushing himself off.

"Yuck, what is this?" Charlotte said as she stepped on what looked like a rat skeleton. Harry pulled her by the robe and helped her get away from the pile of bones.

"Remember, if you see any sign of movement, close your eyes." Harry said, being leader and walking along the slimy walls.

"Harry, take a look at this!" Ron yelled as he stopped and looked at something in another tunnel. He and Charlotte walked back to where Ron and Lockhart stood to find a gigantic shed of skin.

"What is that?" Charlotte squeaked as she covered her eyes with her hands.

"It looks to be a...a snake!" Professor Lockhart said, moments before his eyes rolled back and he toppled over.

Ron rolled his eyes and pointed his wand at him, "Get up."

Lockhart took the moment to push Ron down and take his wand. He violently moved the wand between the three, "The adventure ends here, kids" He panted, "I shall tell everyone that I was too late to save the girl, and how you three tragically lost your minds over the sight of her limp body- say goodbye to your memories."

He pointed the magic-taped wand out in front of him and shouted, "obliviate!"

The wand sparked and Lockhart was thrown back with much force, hitting the top of the tunnel they were in. Charlotte shrieked as parts of the ceiling crumbled and was once again pulled by the robe and she hit the side of the wall. Charlotte breathed in dust and she coughed along with whoever was beside her.

"Ron? Charlotte? Are you okay?" Harry shouted, it was almost inaudible and almost as if he were a mile away.

"Yeah, Charlotte's here too," Ron's voice sounded right next to Charlotte. Ron had pulled her back as the rocks fell down. "What do we do?"

The dust settled and Charlotte could now clearly see Ron, his red hair now turned brown from dirt. She spotted Lockhart who was glancing around the tunnel. "What am I doing in here?" he asked, which only received a hard kick from Ron. "Ow!"

"Alright, you two stay there and try to move some of these rocks, I'll go get Ginny." Harry's voice was muffled by the rockfall and Ron shouted back with "Okay!"

Harry said no more and Charlotte guessed that he had left to go find her friend. Ron had hit Lockhart with a large rock and now the man was sprawled across the rubble. "You didn't have to do that, you know."

"What else was I going to do, Charlotte," Ron said as he joined her at the top of the rock pile, picking up stones and throwing them to the side. "Listen to him ramble on about nonsense. I can hardly stand him when he does make sense, so I know I wouldn't with him loopy the way he was."

Minutes passed and the two made little progress to making a clearing. The rocks were getting heavier and harder to move. It now took both of them to move one rock and they were both out of breath. "Let's take a break, yeah?" Ron said, huffing.

"No!" Charlotte panted as they let a rock fall to the ground. "We can't stop. Ginny's in there and we've got to help Harry. This is all my fault." She said the last part under her breath, hoping Ron didn't hear her.

"How?" Ron questioned.

"I knew." She looked at him, his eyebrows were furrowed, "I knew something was wrong, she'd been acting so weird lately and I didn't do a thing about it!"

Ron patted her back and she didn't even realize that she was crying. "It's not your fault. We all noticed that she was acting different. It's on all of us. Now, come on. Let's get this rock out of the way, I think we might break to the other side after this one."

Charlotte wiped her eyes with her sleeve and helped Ron tug on a rock that was stuck to the top of the ceiling. They pushed it hard and it finally popped out onto the other side. "Yeah! We did it."


"Ron!" Charlotte and Ron both stopped moving rubble and looked at each other. "I've got her, Ginny's okay!"

The voice of Harry relieved Charlotte and she and Ron quickly hugged as they climbed to the top of the hill of rocks. They had been able to make the hole on top bigger and it seemed to be capable of fitting a body through. The two peeked their heads through the hole and saw her flaming hair. "Ginny!" Charlotte screamed.

Ron held his hand out for his sister and pulled her through and did the same for Harry. Charlotte wrapped her arms around Ginny as the girl cried. "I- I'm s-so sorry, Ch-Charlotte!"

A bird perched on Harry's shoulder, "Where did that come from?" Ron asked as he helped Lockhart to his feet.

"He's Dumbledore's." Harry said.

"How are we going to get out of here?" Charlotte said looking from the rock pile and the tunnels behind her. The bird on Harry's shoulder shrieked and it almost seemed as if it were communicating.

"That bird looks as if it wants you to hold on to it, Harry." Ron said.

"Of course! Fawkes will fly us out!" Harry said, his eyes filled with excitement. "Ron you grab Ginny's hand and Charlotte hold her other. Lockhart, you hold on to Charlotte's hand." 

After much frustration, they finally got memory lost Lockhart to corporate. Harry held onto Fawkes and the bird flew out of the chambers and into the night's summer air.


I can't wait until the second book so that I can write some romance tbh. I love this but I want to write some lovey stuff, you know? lol. Anyways, sorry it's been so long, but I just got home from Disney (which was awesome btw) and the minute I got home I started writing. This is also a very long chapter, like longer than usual, because I'm trying to wrap her first year up so that I can continue with her second. (don't forget that the second book doesn't start until her 3rd year) anywayys I hope y'all all have a fantastic summer and I will see you in a couple days bc I'm not waiting til Thursday to update I'm also not proof reading so sorry about that hehe. byeeee xoxo Jaycee :)

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