Hidden || A Harry Potter Story [Book 1]

While Harry Potter spent his first eleven years living under the stairs, his estranged little sister lived with Remus Lupin.
A week before their parents' death, Sirius Black took the baby girl with him and left her in Remus' care. Eleven years later the little girl received her Hogwarts later and embarks her journey at the magical school. How will everyone react when they find out that the girl is The Boy Who Lives little sister?
This is Charlotte Potter's story.

{takes place during CoS and PoA}
(All credit goes to the artist of the cover, however the edit is mine)


12. Chapter 11

 The next morning everyone was avoiding Charlotte. It made her mad when no one in the whole Gryffindor tower wanted to walk with her to Charms. She sulked behind Nick and Jennifer as they reached Professor Flitwick's class. She saw him in his usual position, standing on top of sixteen large books so that everyone could see him."Good morning class," He said as soon as every student was seated. "today we are going to be using the fire-making spell that you all have been practicing." With a swish of his wand, Professor Flitwick levitated candles to each of the students.

"Alright everyone," He squeaked. "repeat after me, incendio!" They repeated and he clapped his hands together. "Good, good! Off you go then." The Gryffindors and Slytherins flicked their wands and said the word but as little as a spark flew out of one wand. Charlotte turned to her left to ask Ethan Gerard if she was flicking the right way, when she saw that he had scooted as far as possible away from her. She called his name, but he deliberately ignored her. They had just spoken yesterday in the common room, and she realized he wasn't speaking to her because of what Harry did the day before.

She huffed, angrily, and pointed her wand at the candle wick. "Incendio!" She cried and a flame shot from her wand and lit the candle. She turned back to Ethan, frowning; and he looked at her with wide eyes. "Well done, Miss Potter! Five points to Gryffindor."

Soon enough, other students began to ignite the candle and the room was filled with flickering lights. "Now while the last are finishing, I shall tell you that when classes return for the new term you will be tested on this spell. If you are really interested on making a good mark, you should-"

There was a loud shriek that came from the hallway, "ATTACK! ATTACK! ANOTHER ATTACK! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Students ran out the door and Professor Flitwick followed closely behind. It was Peeves, the poltergeist. More doors flew open and more people came out and made more confusion. Charlotte stepped on someone's foot and looked up to see Harry squished to a wall. A loud bang was set off and everyone became silent, Professor McGonagall ordered everyone back to their classes.

The crowd thinned, but Charlotte stood next to Harry and finally saw what had happened. The Hufflepuff that the snake from yesterday about attacked, was lying on the ground, stiff. She also saw the Gryffindor Ghost, Nearly Headless Nick, floating in one spot as if he had died...again. She looked at Harry in disbelief, he couldn't have done this!

"The Potters caught in the act!" A boy in a Hufflepuff robe yelled, pointing to Harry and her.

"That will do, Mr. Macmillian!" Professor McGonagall said curtly. Charlotte saw the little man with dark eyes, Peeves, floating above them as McGonagall tried to find a way to transport Nearly Headless Nick to the hospital wing. "Miss Potter, I'd think it best if you returned to your class. As for you, Mr. Potter, you come with me."

"Professor, I swear I didn't-" Harry said immediately.

"I'm afraid this is out of my hands, Potter." She said swiftly. Charlotte watched them leave and she turned around to go back to Charms.



Sorry for the short chapter, I mean it's not really that short but it's shorter than I usually write for this book (if you read my other books you may see that I really don't try on those and they are terribly short... and terrible in general. lol) Anyways I'm going to try to write more chapters this week and hopefully this weekend I can squeeze one or two chapters into my schedule.

So in other news, I'm getting my spacers tomorrow (aka Tuesday 4/7) and then next Wednesday I'm getting my braces and I'm scared as hell omg. I really don't want them like it makes me want to cry just thinking about it. Now that I look, I remember that I upload these on Thursday so I will have my spacers in by the time yall read this (bc its Monday right now and I'm still on Easter break.

UPDATE: Yeah it's Thursday now and I'm fixing to update and I just wanted to say that these spacers suck and they hurt like crap. but anyway byeeeeeeee

Question: If any of y'all have braces, do they hurt when they put them on? My friend told me to take a couple Advils so that makes me nervous.

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