Hidden || A Harry Potter Story [Book 1]

While Harry Potter spent his first eleven years living under the stairs, his estranged little sister lived with Remus Lupin.
A week before their parents' death, Sirius Black took the baby girl with him and left her in Remus' care. Eleven years later the little girl received her Hogwarts later and embarks her journey at the magical school. How will everyone react when they find out that the girl is The Boy Who Lives little sister?
This is Charlotte Potter's story.

{takes place during CoS and PoA}
(All credit goes to the artist of the cover, however the edit is mine)


1. Hidden

  "Potter, Charlotte" The hall went completely silent, even the greasy haired teacher that had just walked in stopped in his tracks. Charlotte could hear people whisper her name as she nervously walked up the steps and sat on the stool. She looked over to the greasy haired teacher who was still staring at her intensely. The hat was placed over her head. Her eyes were wide as she waited for the hat to speak. Her heart pumped harder as the hat delayed its answer. It started to speak only loud enough for her to hear, "I see into the future but what house to put you in.. smart, brave, kind... I will say..." It paused for a few moments, "GRYFFINDOR!" Cheers erupted from the table in the middle and Charlotte went to go sit with her new house. She walked in front of the teacher who was still standing and she could feel his eyes still on her as she sat down next to Jennifer Dawn. Everyone reached their hands out to her and she congratulated her.  


So I wrote this back in like 2014 and I thought why not post this to wattpad lol

I really strive for correct grammar because I feel when I read a story and the grammar is bad, it takes away from the story. So through out this ongoing series I am going to do my best to have good grammar:)

This series is majorly based on the books, because I feel like it gives it a newish look as most people base theirs strictly off the movies. Like of course we're going to have movie parts in here, but most of my inspiration comes from the books

I'm also going to start editing previous chapters and give them a little spunk, I want to add gifs and other things to bring my story to life, so expect that soon in early 2018!

so enjoy, it'll probably be very slow updates, but the first year is already completed 

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