Dreams Can Come True

Ally and Geru are best friends and they have a YouTube Channel called (GeruAndAlly).They move to California (LA) together.They Start to become very Popular on YouTube and they become friends with many YouTubers. They even go to Vidcon and PlaylistLive! Guess what they meet Our2ndLife and some Viners too.Well do you think they fall in love with them ?


1. California Here We Are

Ally:Hey can u watch were your driving!

Geru:Sorry but the guys here in California(LA) are too cute! 

Ally:You do know that we have to get to our new house before you can we anything like going around LA.

Geru:Yea but i think were lost. 

Ally's Pov:Geru is turning left and we are suppose to go right.

Ally:Geru turn right!!!!


Ally:Be careful cause i want to live enough to check out LA.

Geru:Were here.

Ally:Finally cause it took you an hour to get here.Anyway lets go inside.

Geru and Ally's Pov: OMG this house is huge........and look at the view from the back!

Ally:I have always wanted to see a beautiful view like this and hey look next door it looks like...

Geru and Ally: The O2L house!!!!!!!!!

Ally:Can that be Possible even if they live in California.

Geru: i don't care but i am freaking out!

Ally:Me too but calm dow

Geru:I wonder were Cameron Dallas house is ?

Ally:Oh man were late for that YouTube meeting!

Geru:If there is a meeting then i will drive.

Ally:No i will so shut up and get in the car.

Geru:We could have at least checked if that was the O2L house.

Ally:Well do that later... cause we got to go to that YouTube meeting...





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