Who Will It Be

This is a story about a girl named Jade who lives a lonely life with her three overly protective older siblings and abusive parents.She isn't the coolest girl but she still has two rockin' besties.


4. Strange Day


When me and the girls arrived at school everyone was starring at me. I the realized that only my friends and siblings knew that I drove a purple mazaradi. My siblings just drove up.  I walked in with my friends and siblings in the lead. Great another day in hell. As I walk to my locker I see the one and only Justin Bieber walking towards me.

Justin- Hey. I just wanted to say I'm very sorry for the things I've said and don't to you in the past few years and I wanted to know if you could forgive me?

Me- Of course I forgive you. Does this mean we're friends again?

Justin- Of course

(One Hour Later)

I was waiting for the lunch bell to ring. I couldn't wait to see Hailey and Brianna and my other friends Ryan Butler and Chaz Summers. We finally got to go o lunch and I saw them. We sat and I told them what Justin and I talked about. Chaz and I started talking for a bit.

Chaz- Jade I know we've been friends since kindergarden but I was wondering if you'd go out with Mme this Friday?

Me- What time are you picking me up?

Chaz- 7:30 okay with you?

Me- Definatly

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