Who Will It Be

This is a story about a girl named Jade who lives a lonely life with her three overly protective older siblings and abusive parents.She isn't the coolest girl but she still has two rockin' besties.


5. Sadness and Hospitals

After lunch Chaz walked me to my last class. After class I was meeting the girls to go home. Thank God. Class was almost over. 30 more minutes Jade. I thoght to myself. I was getting bored so I decided to draw. Without even noticing the kid next to me I absent mindedly drew Chaz's name in my notebook. I feel a tap and see Justin next to me. He's sees what I'm drawing before I scurry and close my notebook. I look back up to see a sad Justin. The entire rest of the class period Justin doesnt look at me right. He had sadness in his eyes. Finally the bell rings and I run straight to meet my friends and siblings. Doug and Brad looked a bit upset but I didnt care. We all got in mine and Ryan's cars, the guys in his and girls in mine. As I turn on our street I see my parents are home. I pull up at my house and the girls walk down the street to their houses knowing what will happen to me and Tay. We slowly walked in and my dad had a beer bottle and many more empty ones on the floor. He sent Tay to her room and pushed me on the floor and started kicking my stomachs and sides.

Jeff(dad)- You're a worthless piece of crap!

Then I started crying from the pain. He finally stopped and he left with my so called mother. Not long after Tay came running down the stairs, helped me up onto the couch, and that's when everything went black.

(Taylor's POV)

I walked down the stairs as soon as my parents left. I saw jade on the floor and helped her up onto the couch. Soon her eyes were closed and I couldn't wake her up. I called Brad and thank God he picked up on the third ring

Me- Jade isn't wakeing up! I'm taking her to the hospital on fourth meet me there in ten!

Brad- Okay we're on our way!

I picked her up and put her on the backseat of her car and drove as fast as possible to the hospital. I hope she's okay.

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