Those Boys Are Bad. Stay Away From Them!

Ivy and her friend Sky started at a new school which is where One Direction goes to. They try to make friends with them but Tia, an ex of one of the boys, drags them away from the boys telling them to stay away from them.
Ivy gets the message but Sky is confused. One day in music, one of the boys come up to Sky. A class in which Ivy nor Tia is in with her.
What does he do? What happens to Sky?


1. 💝Chapter One💝

Sky's POV

Ivy and I start at a new school today. Our mothers made us go to a new school because they thought that our old school's system was stuffed up. Meh.

Since the new school doesn't care about uniforms I get dressed into a pair of light washed denim jeans, a jumper with hearts on it, my studded black doc martens, I put my hair into a messy side fishtail then I put my SWAGGER snapback on, I put my love necklace on, I then grab my bag with my phone, wallet and house keys in it oh and my books for today.

I walk downstairs and pour myself some Frosties and put a light amount of sugar on it to taste yummier. I pour milk in and start to eat. Halfway through breakfast my phone goes off. I get it from my bag and see its Ivy calling me,

"Hey Ivy. What's up?"

"Girl. I'm 2 blocks away from your house. Open the door!" We hang up and I open the door. I finish eating breakfast and I wash up my dish. As I do Ivy walks in,

"Girl. It's cold out there!" Ivy says closing the door behind her,

"Yea it's gunna be really cold today. Do you like my outfit?" Ivy looks up and down at Sky's outfit and says,

"Heck yea! Now come on! School starts in 20 minutes!" Ivy and I walk out the front door and I lock it. The school is a 10 minute walk from my house. We get there and go to the office for our timetables,

"Can I help you girls?" A lady says,

"Hi we are the new girls Ivy Stone and Sky Frost" I said,

"Ah yes Frost and Stone. Here are your timetables. Enjoy your year here girls" the lady said giving us our timetables with a smile on her face,

"What do you have first Ivy?" I say,

"I have Maths then English. You?"

"Science and PDHPE. God help me" I say,

"Hey where are our lockers?" Ivy says,

"I dunno. Hey let's ask those guys!" I say pointing to 5 boys. We walk over and start to talk to them,

"Hi. We are new here and we were wondering where the lockers are" Ivy says,

"What numbers are you girls?" Curly says,

"Um I'm 20B and my friend here is 24A" I say,

"Your locker is next to Liam's. His is 21B and as for your friends. She's above Zayn's, 24B" Curly says,

"Ok. Hey do you know where the Science block is? I have Science with Mr Reed" I say,

"I'll show you love. I have Science with him too" Zayn I believe says. Oh great. Someone save us please! Before Ivy could speak someone does saves us,

"What are you guys doing? Stay away from them!" This girl says,

"Sorry we are new here and we didn't know where our lockers were so we asked them. Why do we have to stay away from them?" I ask,

"They are considered to be the 'bad boys' of the school. I even used to go out with one of them. I don't even know what he saw in me" The girl says,

"Which one?" Ivy says,

"The one wearing glasses" she says. Just then one of the guys come over to us,

"Bella! Long time no see!" The one with glasses says,

"Back off Louis. I'm going out with someone else" Bella says,

"Woah! Who?!" Louis I presumed said,

"Jack" Bella says,

"Jack Johnson?! That idiot?!" Louis shouts,

"Yea. Now LEAVE!" Bella says pissed off. Louis walks back to his friends,

"You okay girlfriend?" Ivy says,

"Yea. Anyways what do you have?" Bella says calmly,

"Science and PDHPE" I say,

"Maths and English" Ivy says,

"The teachers?"

"Mr Reed for Science and Miss Lee for PDHPE" I say

"Ms Sims for Maths and Mr Marshall for English" Ivy says,

"Show your timetable" Bella says to me. I give her my timetable, "Gurl you have Music with Louis" she then says,

"Your ex? Oh god!" I say. Just then the bell went,

"Go and get to your lockers. Your year advisor is up there" Ivy and I say goodbye to Bella and go to our lockers,

"YOU TWO!" We hear someone yell out. We turn to face a teacher,

"Yes sir?" Ivy says. I'm just standing there petrified,

"Hi I'm Mr Mufale. I'll be your year advisor this year. If there are any troubles just come and find me. If you can't find me then just go to the office and call me from here, the office ladies will call me over the speaker. Now about those lockers" Mr Mufale says. We follow him to our lockers,

"Sir?" I finally say,

"Yes Sky is it?" I nod,

"Yes. Um in music do you have to sing or anything because I kinda don't want to..." I say. Mr Mufale just stands there confused,

"She can sing but she doesn't want anyone to know" Ivy says,

"Oh okay. You don't have to sing but if you have either Mr Brain or Miss Cassar they WILL make you sing. Who do you have for Music?" I look at my timetable,

"I dunno sir. I'll ask Louis. He's in the same music class as me" I say,

"Ok. Now here are your lockers enjoy" sir says showing me and Ivy our lockers and running off somewhere,

"Girlfriend. Are you serious? Asking Louis who your teacher is for music??" I gave Ivy a death stare and put my things in my locker while grabbing out my 1&2 book with my pencil case and diary. I shoved my bag in my locker and put my phone in my back pocket of my jeans,

"See ya girlfriend! Have fun!" Ivy yells out to me. I start to walk towards my class. Crap. I don't know where it is,

"Sky Frost?! Is that you stumbling over there?!" I hear someone yell out. I turn around and saw a teacher standing there with Zayn,

"That's her sir" crap,

"Hi. Sorry I was with Mr Mufale" I say walking over to him,

"Inside. You're sitting next to Zayn" sir says. Crap. I don't wanna sit next to him!

"Right. Class we have a new student with us today. Her name is--"

"SKY!!!!" I hear a familiar voice yell out. Jade,

"JADE!!!" I yell back hugging her. Our science class just looks at us,

"We're friends. And I know I'm fabulous you can stop looking at me" Jade says. I laugh and we sit down,

"Right as I was saying we have a new student Sky Frost joining us today. Sky can you tell the class a bit about yourself?" Sir says. Crap,

"Um hi I'm Sky Frost as you all know um I'm 16, I can draw, I have 2 sisters who live in England now, my dad died when I was 2 and my mum is in hospital. I live with my older brother" I say,

"Um thank you for that introduction Sky. Anyways um write down what's on the board and I'll assign you partners for your upcoming assignment" sir says. I start to write down the massive freaking paragraph when all of a sudden I get attacked by a piece of paper. It says OPEN ME. Oh no shit Sherlock. I'm going to rip it and chuck it in the bin. Pfft of course I'm going to open it.

I open it and it says:



I look over at him and he mouths, 'RIP IT APART AND CHUCK IT IN THE BIN'. I rip it up and chuck it in the bin and continue to write a massive long ass paragraph,


Jack and Sky

Jade and Zayn

Chelsea and Ariana..." Sir continues to say the name. Look over at Johnson and he mouths, 'LUNCH. REMEMBER THAT!' I roll my eyes.


The bell goes and we pack up. I head over to PE and see Liam. Crappity crap crap crap. I start to walk away but,

"Hey Sky!" Liam says,

"Oh hey Liam. I didn't see you there" I say with sarcasm,

"Show me your timetable for a sec" I pass him my timetable,

"Here" I say,

"Ok. You have Science with Zayn, PE with me, Music with Louis, Maths with Niall and English with Harry" Liam says,

"How lovely" I said with sarcasm,

"Get in line. Miss Lee is here" Liam says pulling me aggressively into the line,

"DUDE! I am only ONE person! And that ONE person is angry at you" I say to Liam. We walk in and Miss makes me sit next to Ariana,

"Hey how are you?"

"Miss? Yea uh Ariana spoke to me after you told us not to speak" I said. Miss made Ariana move next to Liam and I was finally alone!

"Right. The homework was to look up a disease and write about it. Liam? What did you look up?" Miss says,

"I looked up Hepatitis A. Hepatitis A is a viral infection of the liver. It's spread by the faecal-oral route INCLUDING contaminated food or water or even direct contact with an infected person. Good hygiene and Vaccination prevents infection" Liam explained,

"Ok. Thanks for that Liam. Sky now I know you're new here but do you know any diseases?"

"SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a disease also known as cot death. It's a diagnosis that's made when an apparently healthy baby dies without any warning and for no clear reason why. This disease is pretty rare but is still the most common reason as to why newborn babies are suddenly dying" I said,

"Thank you Sky! More information then what Liam gave us" Liam looks at me evilly. I just stuck my tongue out and listened to miss for the rest of the lesson.


Recess! Finally. I rush out of PE and get to my locker,

"What's the rush??" Liam said,

"Nothing. Just wanted to get out of there" I said swapping my PE and Science books for my English and Art books,

"Oh man you have Art?!" Ivy says,

"Yea why?" I said,

"GURL. I HAVE ART TOO!" Ivy squealed out,

"Get your things and grab some food from your bag Ivy" I said rolling my eyes at how childish this girl can be,

"Move yo ass Quiffy!!" Ivy says knocking Zayn down causing everyone to laugh including Zayn's friends,

"Really? You just had to knock me down?" Zayn says,

"Dude. You were going so slow!" Ivy says,

"No I wasn't!" He protested,

"ONLY JIMMY CAN PROTEST!!!" Louis said. Oh right video diaries! Pfft I'm so stupid,

"Louis. Calm down. We all know that only Jimmy can protest. Not Zayn. Now get yo sorry ass up Zayn. You look like you are about to cry" I say as I finish up with my locker,

"Thanks Sky" Louis said as he shot me with a smile,

"No problem!" I said smiling back at him. As Ivy and I walk downstairs. I get hit with something hard then I black out,

"SKY!!!! Now look what you did jerks!!" Ivy screamed out. I heard voices before completely blacking out.

Ivy's POV

Sky and I were walking downstairs when all of a sudden a football hits the back of her head and she blacks out. I look over at where the direction of the ball came from and saw 4 boys,

"SKY!!!! Now look what you did jerks!!" I screamed out to them. They came over to me,

"Sorry. We didn't see her there!!" One says,

"Nathan. You could clearly see her! Plus you were the one throwing it"

"I couldn't!! Zayn and Louis were in the way!!" I look over at Zayn and Louis then I attack them to the floor,

"WERE YOU OR WERE YOU NOT IN THE WAY OF NATHAN SO HE COULDN'T SEE SKY?!?!" Zayn shook his head quickly but Louis says,

"Zayn!! Stop lying!! In fact I am tired of your shit!! You quickly moved me so Nathan couldn't see Sky and now she is hurt!!!" Louis says pissed off. He walks away and Harry tried to cheer him up while Niall was looking at Sky up and down,

"Yo blondie! What you doin'?!" I said to Niall as I walked over to him,

"Sky has 3 broken bones. She broke her left arm, dislocated her right leg and has a broken ribcage" Niall says,

"Are you fucking superman?!" I say,

"No. I just have powers. None of the other lads have it. I'm the only one. But the head wizard said that there's another wizard somewhere. I'm just blending in with the lads so I can find him. Or her" Niall says as he walks away to meet up with Liam,

"Looks like Zayn's friends left him and Ivy attacked him so now his hair is messed up!!" Some girls laugh at Zayn while he gets up and runs to the bathroom to fix up his hair. I look at Sky and carefully pick her up,

"I'll take her stuff for her" Louis says coming towards me,

"Thanks Louis. Why are you doing this??" I say,

"I uh kinda like her..." Louis says as we walk to the office,

"Maybe you have a chance with her. You could be her first actual boyfriend" I say remembering her last 'boyfriend' he wasn't even a boyfriend to Sky. He just used her as his punching bag!

"What happened to her last relationship?" Louis asked,

"He used her for his punching bag" I said,


"And then he got arrested and sent to juvie for the rest of his life" I said,

"Oh. Do you know if she likes anyone at school yet?" Well she has been picky with her boyfriends,

"Well are you:

1. Funny?

2. Outgoing?

3. Nice?" I said,

"Yes. Yes. Yes" he says,

"Do you have:

1. Green, blue or brown eyes?

2. A bubbly personality?

3. Tattoes?" I said,

"Yes. Yes very. And yes. I have one on my wrist for my Aunty who passed away last year due to lung cancer and brain tumour" Louis said,

"I'm so sorry Louis" I said. We arrived at the office and Sky's dad was there,

"Is she okay Ivy??" Her dad said quickly,

"Mr Frost she is okay but she has three broken bones. You might wanna get them checked out sir" Louis said. I look at him with a surprised look,

"And who are you?" Mr Frost said,

"This is Louis Tomlinson sir. Louis this is Daniel Frost. Sky's father" Daniel looked up and down Louis then finally said,

"He'll be perfect for my Sky. Now how well are you at answering questions?" Louis looked lost,

"Mr Frost has a great big book of questions that he always gives to boys who haven't quite passed as Sky's boyfriends. He has only given the questions to three boys so far. Melvin, Christian and Danny. To pass you need to answer at least three quarters of the questions. Altogether there are 10000 questions. So basically you need to answer at least 7500 questions or more if you're lucky" I said. Daniel then handed Louis the book of his questions,

"Write your answers on another piece of paper please. And make sure you write what number question you are answering" Louis nodded his head and we left for class.

Louis' POV

Geez. 10000 questions and I need to answer 7500 of them correctly,

"What's that in your hand Louis?" Mr Boldman said. Crap I forgot to put the book of questions away,

"A book I am currently reading sir. Lots of questions about it" I said putting it in my bag,

"Alright. It says here we have a new student but I don't see her" Mr Boldman says. Crud balls,

"She got into an accident so she's at sick bay sir" I said,

"Right. She will be partnered with you since you tend to know her Mr Tomlinson" Mr Boldman says,

"Um partnered for what exactly sir?" Alisha says,

"A project Miss Pearson" sir said,

"About what?" Daniel said,

"About music. Duh!" Sir said,

"What about music sir?" I heard Sky say,

"Ah. Sky Frost. The new student. Go and sit next to Louis you partner and we can then discuss the project then I'll pair the rest of you lot up" sir said. Sky came and sat down to me. She has a cast on her leg and is in crutches,

"Were the paramedics there?" Sky nodded her head and sat down,

"Right. For your project you are to in pairs research an artist or band and make a presentation about them. Sky. My name is Mr Boldman and I'll be your music teacher for this year"

"He reminds me of my friend Spencer Boldman. Sir are you related to Spencer Boldman?" Sky asked sir,

"Yes. I'm his uncle. Why?" Sky looked down and said,

"He's my boyfriend. That's why" oh shit.

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