Unwritten | Matty Healy | AU

"When you love somebody, you start to realize that it doesn’t matter whether they’re broken or flawed. You realize that sometimes it’s those very flaws that make them beautiful beyond belief." Lilac is a wild girl with electric blue hair. Matty is an innocent face with unruly curls. Initially they're intrigued of one another, but that forms into something greater. Something neither of them can control.


3. TWO





I'm standing just outside the nightclub Wild Things, finishing off my latest cigarette as I wait for Lilac to finish her shift. The air is cold on my skin, but it's a refreshing cold. A few cars drive past me on the street. Since I've been standing here, at least six completely shitfaced women have stumbled out from the front doors of the nightclub. One woman barely made it past me before her stomach spilled its contents, maybe a foot from my shoes. I think I've had enough vomit for one evening.


I manage finishing the cigarette I was smoking and so I stomp it out under my heavy boot. Just as I place another cigarette between my lips I hear a voice. "Hey." When I look up from the now lit cigarette between my lips I see a sea of electric blue. I smile, which causes a cloud of smoke to seep past my teeth. 


"Hello Lilac." She's wearing  a tight white tank top. I eye up the coat she's wearing, which is black and leather - totally my style. I gawk at her legs, which appear tanned and elongated in the tight little black shorts she's wearing. Her wild hair is still up in an easy ponytail. 


"Well, where to? Where are we going?" She asks, excited. She grabs my hand and yanks me down the street. I gawk at the back of her jacket which has the pattern of a white skeleton


"That jacket is ace. Can I steal it?" I'm totally fixated on her jacket, almost as much as I'm preoccupied with her hair most of the time. "I reckon my delicate shoulders would fit," I grab my shoulders for effect.


Lilac begins laughing as she turns to face me. She quickly plucks the fag from my fingers and places it to her own lips. She inhales and blows the smoke past her lips with ease, "you're too cute." We continue a pace together down the street and she interlocks our arms together. I have no idea where we're going, I hadn't planned this far. I'm just happy to be in the presence of this beautifully intriguing woman. "So Matty," she begins. I grab the cigarette from her hands and inhale it myself. "What were you doing in the nightclub tonight?" 


"Hoping to get laid," I make the joke, but in reality the whole reason I stepped foot into the nightclub was for some sort of companionship. "Then I ran into you," I finish.


"That's not totally off the table. We'll see how the night goes," she turns and looks at me. I take the moment to appreciate her features. She has beautiful eyes which are a shade of blue, reminding me of her gorgeous hair. Her eyelashes are long and draw my eyes back to hers. When she begins laughing I appreciate the freckles speckling her olive skin, and her dusty rose coloured lips. She's stunning.


"More like it depends how easy you are," I look at her and I can't help the wide smile that takes over my face. 


Lilac smiles back. "Smooth moves baby," she purrs. We walk arm in arm sharing the cigarette for the next few blocks.


"The girl named Lilac who has blue coloured hair…" I comment. "How antithetic of you."


"Antithetic?" She questions.




She shrugs her shoulders, "I've heard that comment for years - ever since my hair has been blue… My mother named me Lilac because it was her favourite colour. Why didn't I just dye my hair lilac so I wouldn't have to deal with the comments you ask? Well it's a conversation starter, isn't it?" 


I laugh, "that is true."


"So true crime? What got you into that? You did say you write true crime, right? I didn't mishear that in the nightclub?" Lilac looks in my direction. Our arms are still linked together, but I'm still completely unsure of where we're headed. I notice a beach just across the street.


"You want to…?" I point towards the beach and she nods her head. We cross the street and head towards the beach. I shrug my shoulders, "I get asked that a lot, and I feel like I don't have a definitive answer - that I never will have a definitive answer. A lot of my family, of my friends they find it macabre - which I totally see how it is. But I think the thing is that society is fascinated by death. We're immediately drawn to news about death. Just imagine you're on the freeway and there's an accident - what do you do? You slow down, you assess the accident - you're looking for death. There's a bombing at a local café, what do you do? You watch the news, you go to the remnants of the café because we're all fascinated with death in one way or another. I'm galvanized to expose the heinousness of crimes and of criminals. And that's the thing, murder affects us all. It's hard to find someone nowadays who hasn't been touched in some way - it may be totally distant - by a murder." 


Lilac is staring at me intently. "I feel like that was a pretty definitive answer. Do you want to go any further with it? Like eventually do you want to end up as a detective, or a cop? A journalist?" She sits down on a rock and begins yanking her Docs off of her feet.


I shake my head and stuff my hands in my pockets, "I don't do it for recognition. I just do it because I enjoy it. So if it did happen to go farther for whatever reason I don't know what I'd do." I sit down on the rock beside her - our shoulders touching.


"Just like your music?" She asks as she pulls her other shoe off and places them together - socks inside. Lilac shimmies her jacket off her, exposing her naked shoulders. She points to my Docs, seeming to ask if I'm taking mine off.


I bend over and begin undoing the laces, "yeah. It's a lot like my music."


"Damn, I wish you had your guitar with you. We'd be like a Jason Mraz video," she smiles as she stands up from the rock and performs a cartwheel in the sand.


"But I won't hesitate, no more, no more," I sing. She turns to face me, and I place my boots together. I stand up and saunter over to her, "it cannot wait, I'm yours." I grab her hands and we begin a slow dance in the sand under the moonlight. We continue swaying slowly even though the only sound that can be heard is the crashing of the ocean waves against the shoreline. Lilac places her head on my chest.


"So are the plans to be a hostess at Wild Things for the foreseeable future?" I ask.


She shrugs her shoulders, "No."


"So what's the plan then?" 


"I don't know. I've never really had a plan… it's one of my serious character flaws." She sighs, "when I was little I wanted to be a tattoo artist. I'm fascinated by ink." Lilac lifts her head off my chest, replacing it with her hand. She carefully undoes another two buttons on my shirt, and softly caresses the ink imprinted in the flesh on my chest. I try to ignore the fire that comes from her fingertips. "Ironic that I have zero tattoos, huh?" 


"Why not?"


"I guess I've just never had the guts to do it," her fingers are still softly tracing the pattern on my chest. 


I laugh and she smiles, "says the girl who has blue hair."


"Hey!" She swats lightly at my arm, "I've been thinking about it for a long time, I just have never gone!"


It falls silent between us. We continue swaying. She lifts her hands up from my chest and looks up at my eyes. She quickly threads her fingers through my curls, "your hair is beautiful."


"I get that a lot," I shake my hair sexily and in slow motion. Lilac bursts out in a fit of giggles. Her fingers are still threaded between my locks and she tugs lightly.


We stare into each other's eyes for a few more moments. She suddenly stands on her tippy toes and her hand falls down to my cheek. Lilac softly caresses the stubble on my jaw. "There's something about you…" 


"There's something about you…" I reiterate. 


It takes a moment, but she delicately places her dusty rose coloured lips on mine. I savour softness of her lips, the taste of her chap-stick, the last cigarette she smoked, the faint taste of whiskey on her lips. I place both of my hands on either side of her face.


We continue to kiss on the beach, under the moonlight, almost as if we'd walked straight out of a Nicholas Sparks novel. 


"Tell you now, the whole getting laid thing - you're like this -" she gestures with her fingers a smidgeon of space, "close."


I begin laughing and undoing the buttons on my shirt. I take off the leather jacket I was wearing and toss it recklessly into the sand. I continue undoing buttons. 


"Okay, now you're getting closer," she comments as she stares at my abdomen, and the rest of the flesh I'm quickly exposing. 


I undo the last button and toss it with my jacket. I unzip the fly on my jeans and kick them off quickly. Her eyes go wide when I drop my boxers. I can't help the smirk that creeps up on my lips.


I run heedlessly towards the ocean, completely naked. When the cold ocean water hits my skin I involuntarily gasp, but nonetheless continue running full speed into the liquid. When I'm completely enveloped in water, I turn to look at Lilac who's laughing wildly, covering her mouth with her one hand.


She reaches for the fly on her jean shorts and slowly undoes it. I can't take my eyes off her as she slowly sways her hips side to side while delicately pulling her shorts down to her ankles. She grabs a hold of either side of her tank top and pulls it over her head in one quick motion. She stands there with total confidence in just her bra and panties. My mouth goes dry at the sight. 


Lilac reaches for the ponytail keeping her hair away from her beautiful face and she removes it - her hair falls down in a blue cascade. She reaches towards her back and in one swift motion her bra is removed from her breasts. She looks like a mermaid on the shoreline - her long hair covering her breasts. Lilac quickly tugs her panties down and they are thrown into the pile of her clothes. 


She doesn't shy away from my gaze, she welcomes it with such confidence it takes my breath away. She slowly makes her way into the ocean until she's directly beside me. She swims towards me and wraps her hands around my neck. "Have I told you that you're smooth yet?" 


I smile and desperately crash my lips onto hers. After a few moments, she swims away from me and I watch her hair as she throws her head back. The top of her breasts float to the top of the water. My mouth gets impossibly drier.


"I feel like we're in the middle of the Teenage Dream video," she comments, in reference to Katy Perry's music video. She spreads her arms out. "Let's go all the way tonight, no regrets, just love," she sings.


I slowly make my way over to her, "we can dance, until we die. You and I, will be young forever," I finish. 


"There's only one problem," I comment.

"What's that?"


"I can't put my hands on you in your skin-tight jeans," I reach for her, managing to find the soft skin on her stomach.


She throws her head back and laughs, oblivious to the fact that she's the most beautiful thing I've ever laid eyes on.




A/N: so when matty's describing why he writes true crime… can you tell i'm majoring in criminal justice???? (because i totally am). 


basically matty and lilac are the fucking cutest (no big). So sorry for the hiatus for a while there, but it was exams and such and i'm trying to update as soon as i can, but do understand that sometimes it's difficult!


OH, and yo there's now a trailer for this fic, so do check it out!!!! 





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