Unwritten | Matty Healy | AU

"When you love somebody, you start to realize that it doesn’t matter whether they’re broken or flawed. You realize that sometimes it’s those very flaws that make them beautiful beyond belief." Lilac is a wild girl with electric blue hair. Matty is an innocent face with unruly curls. Initially they're intrigued of one another, but that forms into something greater. Something neither of them can control.





I throw my head back laughing. Matty's silent for a moment before I hear a deep chuckle erupt in his throat. Opening my eyes I'm able to appreciate his blissful state. His mouth is open wide, and his eyes are nearly squinted shut. It's almost as if he's just heard the most ridiculously funny joke in the world. His hands lose track of my body in the ocean.

However, it's not long before I feel the current underwater from his arms quickly making their way back to my sides. He swims towards me, wrapping his warm arms delicately around my waist. "You're beautiful," he drawls out.

I reach forward and wrap my arms around his neck, pulling his small body closer to mine. We're close enough that my naked breasts are pushed up against his naked chest. I feel his silken fingers begin to tap a melody on my back, almost as if I were the ivory keys of a piano. I thread my fingers through his hair, our legs managing to knock each other's furiously underneath the waves.

Matty leans forward, ever so slowly and his lips attach to the flesh of my neck. He kisses lightly across my collarbones, then up my neck, and down my jawline leaving wet evidence of himself all over my skin. He pulls away and his brown eyes dart down to my lips. When a stray piece of his curls falls from atop his head, I push it back.

His fingers tuck a piece of my hair behind my ear and I watch his eyes scan everywhere around my face as he absorbs in the sight of my hair. I can't help it when my eyes slowly wander down his beautiful features until they fall upon his lips. Even in the moonlight I can see the wetness of them, and their cherry-like colour. When he notices my staring, his lips curl into a soft smile. He chuckles.

I manage to lean in even closer to him, planting a soft kiss to his chest - right above the tattoo inked there. When I look back up his features are soft. His hands grab either side of my face and he squints his eyes shut before leading his lips towards mine. I taste the bitterness of his last drink. 

Every single nerve ending lights on fire when he places his cherry coloured lips on mine, almost as if my heart knew these were the lips I was supposed to kiss for the entirety of my life. My hands find their way to his shoulders and I softly and lovingly rake them down his back.

I've never been one to sleep with a man on a first date, but this was totally different. Right now, it was the only thing I could think about. Sweat dripping down his curls. The sight of the muscles in his arms as he thrust himself into me. His innocent face between my legs.


Something has me totally intoxicated over this man. I'm totally hooked and I've just met him.

He slips his tongue into my mouth slowly and it's absolutely sinful. I playfully rake my fingers down his back once again. I'm almost unsure of what to do with my hands because they want to memorize the portrait of his body, but it's so difficult under the water. His hands wander down my body. His calloused thumbs massage the skin of my hips.

My one hand falls down from his shoulders and manages to knock his under the waves. Matty's hand doesn't even hesitate, it grabs mine and he intertwines our hands lovingly. After a few moments he pulls his lips away. I almost whimper when he pulls away, already missing his touch.

His eyes are full of adoration when he looks at me. His eyes suddenly tear from mine and he looks up at the sky, "oh look, a shooting star."

I have to force myself to look away from him, but when I look up at the sky I notice the familiar dash of light going across it. It goes by in a flash - so fast that I almost miss it. I stare at the sight of the moon, which is full and bright and so beautiful. I feel Matty's eyes on me.

"Did you make a wish love?" His voice raspy.

When I turn to look at his face his eyebrows are raised. He uses a hand to push a stray piece of hair out of my face, caressing my cheek ever so lightly.

"You do make wishes on shooting stars, correct?" He asks, although the tone that he's using implies that he already knows the answer to his own question. His hands travel downwards again and he intertwines our hands. I realize that he shows affection through touch. Whether that's holding hands, tucking hair behind my ear, massaging my skin, or just simply touching my flesh.

I nod my head, "I already made a wish."

"Tell me babe," he murmurs.

I smile, "I can't tell you, silly! You know that! If I tell you then it won't come true."

"Well how badly do you want it to come true?" His eyes never depart from mine.

"Maybe a lot." I place my hand on his chest.

I feel the vibration in his chest as he chuckles lightly. "You ready to put your clothes on Lilac?"


"Lilac," he drawls out.

"Lila then."

He grabs a hold of my cheek, "Lilac, your name is beautiful. Why don't you want me using it?"

I shrug my shoulders, "just seems too formal I guess."

"I like it," he says.

I don't fight him on it. Pretty sure he already has his mind set. If he wants to call me Lilac then I'm fairly sure he's going to call me Lilac, no matter what my excuse is. I swim towards the shore, leaving him alone in the water. My feet touch the sandy bottom and I stand up, walking to the shoreline. My naked body is on display as I wander to my clothes.

I turn around once I reach my clothing. Matty is staring wildly at me from the ocean. I squeeze some water out of my hair and slowly put my clothes upon my body. When I'm nearly dressed Matty decides it's time to come out from the ocean. When his body emerges from the liquid he doesn't shy away from my gaze. He stands before me completely naked, yet unabashed.

A sinful smirk plays across his lips. He pulls his boxers quickly up his legs, much to my disliking. By the time I've laced up my boots he's already seated beside me on the log, lacing up his own boots. He eyes up my jacket which lies abandoned in the sand. He finishes lacing his boots up and dashes from the log. His beautifully lanky fingers pick up the leather and he effortlessly slips it onto his body.

I cover my mouth to stifle a small giggle. "Sexy," I murmur.

He throws his hands up in the air for a moment. His one finger makes its way into his mouth and he bites it sexily. He devilishly bats his eyelashes. "So back to that whole me getting laid thing- how am I doing now?"

I throw my head back in laughter before standing up and walking over to him in the thick sand. I watch his hair fall into his eyes again, casting dancing shadows on his beautiful features. He runs his slender fingers through it, placing the loose strand back where it belongs. I grab hold of the collar of the jacket and pull on it lightly.

"Close?" He asks.

"What do you think?" I grab a hold of his hand and he intertwines my fingers with his.

Matty clicks his tongue. He reaches into his pocket and grabs a cigarette, lighting it up and sucking on it with effortlessness. "I don't think it matters," he says coolly.


He blows smoke past his lips and shrugs his shoulders. "I don't just want to sleep with you. I like you."

I duck my head down and I guess it sends him mixed messages.

"Not that I don't want to sleep with you," he says, ducking his head to meet my gaze. He places his hands out in front of his body, defensively, cigarette placed between his index and middle fingers. He runs his fingers through his hair and chuckles nervously, "I mean that's not all I'm thinking about. I do want to get to know you."

I chuckle. "Don't worry about it, I know what you mean."

His fingers recklessly reach for mine again. A silence falls between us. Not an awkward silence, just a small silence as we both stare off into the sky.

The moon is still full in the sky. I try counting the stars for a moment, but give up when I realize it's impossible.

Matty's arm extends and he points to the constellations, "there's Canis Major." His fingers outline a shape within the stars. "It contains the brightest star in the sky, so I never have a hard time finding it." He chuckles.

"It almost looks like a stick figure," I point out. "Why was it named Canis Major? Do you know?"

He sits down in the sand, pulling off my jacket in one swift motion. He reaches a hand upwards, guiding me to sit beside him. Once I'm seated next to him he places my jacket on my shoulders lightly. I comfortably lean into him, resting my shoulder on his. I smile when his arm wraps its way around my body, keeping me tight to his.

"It represents the Greek god of Laelaps. He was considered one of Orion's hunting dogs, and was elevated to the sky because Zeus thought he was really fast."

I stare up at Matty in awe.

"And right behind him is Taurus the bull. He's much easier to see in the winter months."

"Why was he elevated to the skies?" I ask.

He sucks on his cigarette and blows a puff of smoke past his lips. "Well there's a few Greek myths involving him. One was that Zeus disguised himself as a bull-Taurus, or disguised his mistress as the bull so they could commit infidelity. Another is that Taurus was the seventh labor of Hercules after the beast wreaked havoc in the countryside."

I grab the cigarette from his fingertips and finish the remainder of it. He watches me carefully. "That's interesting," I comment before putting out the cigarette in the sand.

"Are there any constellations you'd like to know about?" He asks.

"Is this another one of your hobbies?"

He shrugs his shoulders, "I had a telescope when I was a child. There wasn't much else to do except study the sky and everything in it."

I suspect that there's more behind his words, but I don't question it. The way he shrugs it off sends me the message that he doesn't want to talk about it. At least not right now. "Where's Leo?" I ask.

"Leo," he recites. He points to a shape in the sky and it comes to life before my eyes. "Leo is the ghastly lion that Hercules had to kill as a part of his twelve labors. His fur was impervious to mortal weapons, such as knives or swords. His claws, I believe they said his claws were sharper than any sword a human could make."

"So how did Hercules kill him?" I ask, hooked.

"He tracked Leo down and strangled the monstrous lion, albeit he lost a finger in the process." There's a moment of silence as I absorb his words. "Actually, do you see that orange looking star?" He asks, pointing to it.

"Yeah, I do."

"That's Jupiter."

"That's absolutely fascinating," I say to him, looking to his face. He's staring up at the sky, mesmerized. I reach up, softly running my hand against the stubble on his jawline. He ducks his head in my direction.

"I've never had a date like this," he says.

"Like what?" I question.

He shrugs his shoulders. "This just feels so comfortable. With most women I feel like I have to do something to impress them, but with you... I don't feel like that."

"You don't," I say. My hand memorizes the curve of his jawline. "I like moments like this. I like recklessness, impulsiveness, spontaneity. But I also like just being able to sit together and talk about anything."

He smiles at that.

"Me too Lilac, me too." He says before he softly places his lips on mine.

A/N: happy belated birthday to one of the most hauntingly beautiful and mind-blowingly interesting and intriguing men on this very planet: matthew timothy healy

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