Unwritten | Matty Healy | AU

"When you love somebody, you start to realize that it doesn’t matter whether they’re broken or flawed. You realize that sometimes it’s those very flaws that make them beautiful beyond belief." Lilac is a wild girl with electric blue hair. Matty is an innocent face with unruly curls. Initially they're intrigued of one another, but that forms into something greater. Something neither of them can control.


2. ONE






Inhaling on the stick of poison between my fingers I finish it off and throw it to the ground, stomping out the butt on the hard cement. I stare up at the bright orange neon lights of the nightclub, Wild Things.


I shrug my shoulders and decide to head inside. I'm not entirely sure why I'm going in by myself but I feel the need for companionship, and there's something about this nightclub that has me drawn in.


As I take a step in, a woman with large breasts and long brown curls looks at me and giggles, way too obviously attempting to get my attention. I crack a small smile and push past several people until I reach the bar.


The music is throbbing slightly too loudly. The song is an interesting symphony of totally digital sounds. I walk up to the bar-top and have to push my small shoulders between people to get the attention of the bartender.


When I raise a hand he notices me and walks over, "whiskey on the rocks," I yell over the booming of the music. He nods his head and quickly moves to grab a sanitized glass. The bartender places several cubes of ice in the glass and fills it up with whiskey. He walks back over to me and places this tiny little glass on the bar-top.


"That'll be six dollars," he yells.


I can't help but shake my head in disappointment. Six whole dollars for this tiny little glass that's a quarter full with whiskey. I toss him the money, including a small tip and turn away from the bar.


The dance floor is fairly full. A few couples seem to be fairly close - possibly too close - on the dance floor. My eyes widen when I watch a man grasp a woman's breast. It's almost as if they're in an alternate universe and don't realize that there's an entire nightclub of people around them who could very easily notice. To each their own, I guess.


I take my little glass and head over to the far end of the nightclub - a place where no one else seems to have gathered and also where it seems to be a lot quieter. I lean up against the wall by placing the heel of my shoe flat against the wall. I watch the strobe lights and memorize the pattern that they dance upon the walls. I notice a man inappropriately grab a woman's behind, to which she strikes his right cheek. Several women walk past me towards the bathrooms, one appears to have a smidgeon of vomit on her pumps.


I swirl the ice in my glass around for a bit before slamming back the entire amount of whiskey. It burns all the way down my esophagus, and I throw my head back. "Hey," I hear a slurred feminine voice and so I lift my head.


Before me stands a beautiful woman. A woman with short, spunky black hair and large doe-like green eyes. She's wearing a skirt that I'm sure barely covers her rear, and a shirt that's scooping down in the front, exposing the sides of her breasts - which appear to be surgically enhanced. I lean forward slightly. I smell the faint smell of a sour liquor - she's clearly intoxicated. I notice a ring on her right ring finger, but none on her left.


"Hello there," I give her a sly smile.


She grabs onto my arm to steady herself. I peek down at her shoes, which have a slight wet stain - probably vomit. I take a deep breath and I catch a bit of the scent. That's definitely vomit on her shoes.


"You're cute. What’s your name?" She slurs.


I smile and she grips my arm tighter, "Matty."


"I'm Veronica." She takes a deep breath, "what're you doing here by yourself?"


I shrug my shoulders nonchalantly. My eyes follow a woman and man who enter the bathroom together. "Haven't met the right person yet I guess."


She giggles, "that's hard to believe. You're really hot." Veronica covers her mouth as if she regrets just uttering those words and then she laughs again.


"Well aren't you forward," I comment.


She blushes for a moment.


I lean in close to her, "I like that," I use a flirtatious tone and she raises an eyebrow.


"Sir, would you like another drink?" A familiar voice asks from behind Veronica. I stand to my full height and immediately recognize beautiful electric blue hair.


"Lilac," I smile and take a step around Veronica, suddenly and completely disinterested in her. Lilac squints at me for a moment before seeming to remember who I am.


"Matty, right?" Her plump lips are distracting me from focusing. She's dressed in a skimpy outfit and it's plainly obvious that she's employed here as a hostess. I eye up the curves of her hips. She's taller than before. My eyes find a pair of heels on her feet, which are elongating her legs, and making her near eye level with me. It's hard not to ogle her body in this outfit - she looks like such a woman and her curves are undeniable. Her hair is pulled up into a ponytail on her head. I notice several men around her who are gaping at her like fresh meat.


"Yeah," I smirk.


"Who was your friend?" She asks. She plays with the ring in her nose for a second before looking at me from under her long eyelashes.


"Oh," I look around for a moment, realizing that Veronica had departed at some point. "No one. I didn't know you work here…"


Lilac shrugs her shoulders, "just paying the bills, y'know."


I stuff my one empty hand into my pocket and rock on my heels, "I know what you mean."


"What do you do?" She asks, taking a step towards me.


"I write true crime," I respond.


She tilts her head to the side, clearly intrigued, "really?"


"I've been writing articles for small papers, just trying to get my work out there." I push a hoard of loose curls off of my forehead with my hand.


"That's awesome. So the music is…?"


"A hobby," I retort.


"Well you should really consider delving deeper into that, you've really got talent," she smiles and reaches an arm forward to softly touch my arm.


"Do you want to hang out?" I blurt out.


She smiles, "yeah, I'd like that. I get off in like thirty minutes, would you like to hang out then?"




"Great," Lilac goes to turn away but she quickly turns around again. A sea of blue hair is all my eyes can focus on. "Would you like a refill? It's on the house."


"Whiskey," I reply, "on the rocks."


She reaches to grab the glass out of my hand and her fingers touch mine. Lilac smiles at me once more before turning away and sauntering off.







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