The Elements

An action packed emotional plot twisted story mixed with fantasy and fiction about two brothers discovering the story of how there mother died.


17. The mountain tip.

Nathan and Steven carried on struggling up the steep hill they thought if they got to the top where the trees where it would be a good place for shelter plus they wouldn't bee seen among the trees.

So they carried on struggling but eventually got to the top they looked behind them and felt like they saw nearly all of sapphiriene 

on the light side with the jungles and sand and even wear they'd came from but then they turned around again and saw where they where heading the dark side filled with snow,rock and ice shards. Darkness and there new enemy the cloaked man. 

They set up there tent hidden between the snowy trees and gathered some sticks that had fell of the trees they piled them to make a warm fire to sit around but not to big because they knew something or someone would see the smoke.

Steven had a look in the back pack and got some canned food out and one of the pouches jack gave them they sprinkled half the dust on to the pile of wood which gave them a small but lava like heated fire for the night they ate there canned foods.

And chatted for a bit about who the cloaked man was, what was so valuable he had, then nathen said "time for sleep gotta get up early tomorrow" Steven said " yeh your probably right" so they kept the fire going for warmth and lied down in their been bags. 

It was early that morning and by early when Steven woke Nathan up he meant it was sun rise early they looked to their right and their was glistening parts of sapphiriene and to their left a dark and cold winter morning filled with Jagger'd rocks.

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