The Elements

An action packed emotional plot twisted story mixed with fantasy and fiction about two brothers discovering the story of how there mother died.


16. The journey.

After traveling through day and night for days and hours there worst enemy at the minute was the weather and environment they weren't used to it why would they be they've stayed in there part of there world for there entire lives but they knew there would be enemy's along the way there had to be they were in another elements environment technically they were trespassing. But it wasn't long until they ran into what they knew they would. First it was electromights there wolf like creature but with camouflage fur the perfect hiding thecnique it instantly changes to what Evers behind it from what ever angle another creature can see it from it has a great attack it's claws and sharpened teeth are electrically charges with 6000 bolts of electricity one insertion of a claw or tooth could kill almost any creature on sapphiriene and this was a rare pack of them unfortunately for Steven and Nathan. There's now way Nathan and Steven could fight them so they ran as fast as they could they ran squirting the ones that were practicaly scraping there ankles but that just made the rest even angrier they ran through a lightning storm but no one stopped running Nathan and Steven shot at the rocky side walls of the small canyon and they collapsed In front of the creatures wiping out most of them but some jumped over and it only took one to catch up with them and kill the both with a scratch they saw a small a small bit of hill the dipped down and then back up a steep hill they ran and jumped acros the ditch Nathan shouted " fill the ditch" Steven and anthem swiveld in the air and turned the ditch into a river the animals so determined ran straight for them but then fell straight in the water suddenly the water became electrified.

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