The Elements

An action packed emotional plot twisted story mixed with fantasy and fiction about two brothers discovering the story of how there mother died.


8. The beginning of the battle.

They walked over past all of there friends who were either training or chilling and said hi to there trainer he was standing there and 

looking relived the brothers were finally there but slightly annoyed with us, 

we walked over and he said to day they were going to be doing double battles in the training arena it was Nathan and Steven vs orla and 

jack it was water vs fire and earth as David there trainer who told them to do this battle counted down from 3 to 0 they new they were 

friends but in the arena they had to train like they were the worst of enemy's. 

The battle started and Nathan and Steven both tuck and rolled into cover behind barrels orla had made a vine shoot up from the 

ground next to Steven and wrap around his neck Nathan shooted a harsh pulse of water at the route of the vine and it unplugged and 

shot out of the ground unraveling from around Stevens neck.

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