The Elements

An action packed emotional plot twisted story mixed with fantasy and fiction about two brothers discovering the story of how there mother died.


12. Shock.

Just as jack and orla stood up and shook of some off the water, Steven and Nathan walked over they high fived and suddenly dark 

clouds appeared above and bright bolts of fork lightning shot down and surrounded jack,orla,Nathan and Steven rotating around 

them suddenly a bright flash came from behind Dave he flipped over the wall and landed on his back with his eyes closed. He didn't say 

his name he just exclaimed "you 2 brothers and your pathetic friends are useless but if you can track me down when your ready you can 

come and try to some how defeat me and and if you defeat me, You can take something I think might be important to you you have 48 

hours to start looking for me or all your friends here will be destroyed along with turning this disgusting place to rubble I won't 

hesitate". he laughed evilly from on top of the arena wall. 

Jordan ran in to the left of him knowing he had electrical powers to. she controlled some of the power line running behind him, they 

electrocuted him but he turned around and burnt the leads rubber destroying them. he was he was a half breed with the power of 

electric and fire and he had high levelled powers. he shot a bolt of lightning at Jordan before she could move it hit her In The chest and 

like a smash to the chest it flung her against the wall he laughed evilly one more time as a dark cloud surrounded him. and started to 

swirl. Jordan ran at him with a shoulder barge but she just ran through the cloud. the cloud turned to vapour along with him in the air. 

Like he was never there but what was his problem "why did he go for us" Nathan said

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