The Elements

An action packed emotional plot twisted story mixed with fantasy and fiction about two brothers discovering the story of how there mother died.


11. Battled finished

Steven nodded at Nathan they both kept one hand for their shields, facing orla and jack and used the other to blow up the water towers 

behind them. They both controlled all the water from the tower they'd just smashed they carried it above there heads and turned it into 

a tidal wave water cylinder attack. the tidal wave covers jack and orla no matter how many attacks they tried to use to get out of it. the 

wave turned into a spinning cylinder of floating water with jack and orla inside of it. Nathan and Steven dropped the cylinder and 

turned it into vapour together jack and orla were on there knees spitting up water and David declared battle finished and Nathan and 

Steven for there new attacks were levelled up and giving extra powers for there teamwork.

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