The Elements

An action packed emotional plot twisted story mixed with fantasy and fiction about two brothers discovering the story of how there mother died.


10. Battle of friends.

The lava hit the shields and turned to crumbled rocks floating inside the water shields. Steven and Nathan walk close together whilst 

orla and jack, and Nathan and Steven fire mini attacks none harming them because of orlas vine shield, and jacks fire surrounding him 

in a circle turning the mini water attacks to vapour. orla shoots her water absorbing vine at Nathan and Nathan shoots so much water 

the vine absorbs it all and explodes with thorns. luckily not hitting them because of there shields. Nathan and Steven both fire there 

strongest attacks Nathan was shooting powerful pellets of water that were slicing through all of orlas vines and Steven was shooting a 

continues stream of water at jack whilst jack was doing the same thing with fire back at Steven and between them was vapour, but fire 

was growing towards Steven and orlas vines just kept regrowing and started growing towards Nathan.

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