The Elements

An action packed emotional plot twisted story mixed with fantasy and fiction about two brothers discovering the story of how there mother died.


9. Battle of friends

Steven stands up and shoots his new practiced attack his water blast split into 2 and hit orla in the chest sending her flying back against 

a matted wall the other blast shot straight throughout the middle of jacks flame thrower attack turning the fire into steam and hitting 

jack in the face so he flipped back over a barrel David looked impressed with Stevens new attack.

Nathan pulled Steven back down as jack stood up quickly and shot lava right through the barrel and through the middle of Steven and 

they both quickly changed cover it was there last cover so they had to be quick, they had to do something because jack and orla were 

higher levels than them and if they were exposed they be done and they would have lost that's what Nathan thought. 

But it turned out Steven had been doing a bit more practicing Nathan thought Steven quickly showed me with hand signals a new trick 

as orla used spiked thorns to shatter the barrels they were both hiding behind they both stood up and did what Steven had showed him 

a minute before water ran up both of there arms they did the hand movements and just as jack squirted more laver at them both a 

water shield formed and equipped on both of there outer arms.

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