One Shots By Request

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1. Request


So here is my first One-Shot movellas!!


So all you have to do is comment some information about the one shot you want. 

The information needed is below.

First you must say who you want in it. It can be you and another famous person, you and someone you know personally, or even just a ship you have without you in it.

I have to know whether you want it completely smutty, moderate, or clean.

Then I must know the mood setting.

What you want to happen: Proposal, asked out, have kids, etc...

What you look like if you're in it.

And if you have any other specifications you'd like, just slip them into your comment and I will do my best to put them to your liking.

So remember the steps.


Dirty or clean?

Mood & Setting?

What should happen?

What you look like? 

Other specifications maybe?

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