One Shots By Request

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2. Amanda Sans

Louis PoV

"Dibs!" I called, slapping my hand across Liam's mouth, still gazing at the girl across the room, still laughing confidently alongside her friends. It was just me and Liam walking around the mall, in disguise of course, I mean we were searching for places to hide since us and the boys are playing hide and seek throughout the mall but I had to stop. I heard the sound of angels, the purity of laughter and then I saw her. Beautiful but light features. Dark red hair, flowing down her back. As well as her dark brown eyes complimenting her outfit. 

"Dude, whenever you even call dibs you never act on it." He snaps slapping my hand away.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I question him, giving him the full sass mode. He rolls his eyes before speaking.

"You never even speak to them!" He says exaggerating his point with hand gestures. I open my mouth to speak, but snap it shut. Realizing he's right, I decide to prove him wrong. I huff, standing up making my way over there. I'm about 5 feet away. Still in disguise I approach their table. They all go silent. I look towards the girl who is looking at me expectantly. Her friends start whispering and giggle. I smile.

"Um hi.." I Mutter, looking at my feet and scratching the back of my neck. She giggles, and I must say, ADORABLE!!

"Hi, i'm Amanda." She says holding out her hand. I take it in mine, leaning in by her ear, i'm gonna trust her with this information.

"Louis, 50% sass, 50% ass. But please don't tell anyone." I whisper, hope clear in my voice. She tenses, then relaxes. She turns her head slightly putting her mouth close to my ear, in turn replying.

"Your secrets safe with me" I smile.

"I was wondering if I could have your number and if you're free tonight." I say, pushing my luck a little further. She reaches in her bag and pulls out a pen, grabbing my wrist and scribbling her number out.

"I'm free whenever you ask." She says, her friends hooting in the background. I grin full of confidence.

"See you later m'lady." Grabbing her hand and placing a soft kiss to her knuckles. Walking away towards Liam. Looking at me with mouth agape in pure shock. I grin even further and walk past him. Straight to the boys who were all 3 together still looking for us.

"What are you so happy about?" Zayn asked. I smirked.

"Ask Liam." 




Louis and Amanda went on a date and many more, leading to a very serious and beautiful and strong relationship.



This is for Amanda. I know, not too great, but i'm not that great of a writer. If you have any changes you want done, just let me know.

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