Finding a way out

Now that Mary has finally gotten what she's dreamed of, to meet o2l, she needs to decide who she will pick to fall in love with. She wishes she could just find a way out.


1. how it all starts

  (Mary p.o.v.)

Want to know how it all started well here I go. First of all my name is Mary I'm 19, I love pokemon, chipotle, old Disney shows, youtubers, and for all my life I have been dying to meet o2l. I finally find a enter to meet o2l contest and for 6 weeks wait hopelessly for an email that could change my life. On October 26 I finally got the email and I would be spending 3 months with Ricky, Jc, Kian, Trevor, and Sam. I secretly had a crush on Ricky my whole life but never told anyone so I hope he likes me. Today I was leaving to go to California and leave my whole life behind and did I mention I'm a youtuber with over 1.2 million subscribers. I boarded the plane and waited to arrive in my new life in California, don't get me wrong I love Virginia but I need change in my life. I decided to move there if things went well with my best friend Adrianna. I finally arrived and the first thing I saw was Jc and Kian fighting over who gets to hold the Welcome Mary sign. Ricky and Connor immediately greeted me with welcoming hugs. Now I was off to my new home obviously after all the fans greeted them but some actually recognized me and I was shocked and took pictures with them, then we finally left and during the car ride Ricky was singing to Hannah Montana.

  Connor immediately wanted to make a video with me because he loves me channel and I obviously accepted. We decided to go on omegle and greet fans. We searched up Connor Franta and Mary Anderson. The first fan was super excited and we followed her on twitter and Instagram but then we decided not to do that with every fan because that would take eternity. We soon found Jc awkwardly on omegle justsitting there and we talked and decided to go for lunch tomorrow.

 (Ricky's p.o.v.)

 I sat in my room thinking about Mary. she was so beautifull I really like her but I don't think she like me back she probably likes Connor. I just sat there and thought about pokemon because I know Connor likes her and I don't like getting in the way and I usually don't get jealous. I sat all night editing my video and at around 2am Mary came in my room. I asked her what was up and she said she couldn't sleep and was wondering if she could hang out with me I agreed because I was kinda bored myself. that night I fell asleep cuddling next to Mary. In the morning I ask Mary out on a date and she gladly agrees before falling asleep again.

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