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Once the world of technology goes due to an uprising of, well lets face it, zombies. Humanity has sort of taken a backward step. Humans have become primitive, well, most. Some have kept their sense of being civilized. However, like the cave times, those who are stronger win, not those who are smarter. Well, I am screwed.


2. Cages

My eyes crept open, stinging almost. I looked around, my body thrown into a just about covered caged not much bigger than me. The evidence of the throwing in question was indeed apparent. I could not only see, but I could feel the bruises on my legs which are curled up against my chest. I could just about see myself in the limited amount of light. I groaned, wriggling to move out of the binds of rope which were fastened to my wrists, but I knew there was chance, so why did I bother? A sense of rebellion maybe? I accepted it, even if I did escape, I would die not knowing where I was or having no source of food and water. I dared to think what they were going to do with me though. I shivered at the thought and my teeth chattered in response to the cold. The rocking of the transport swaying almost sending me back to sleep.


It was then I heard it, the murmurs of others' moans and crying. Just from hearing them, I knew they were all girls too, mostly certainly including the girl that was outside my house. I didn't have the courage to speak though, what if the men that captured us could hear? I daren't to even move, I just lied in a ball of tangled, bruised skin and ripped clothes. I simply wept, the salt like water trickling around my face and grouping in the curve of my neck and my chin. I bit my lip, in an attempt to shush myself, no success came from this. Just a cut. Just blood.


Not an uncommon sight at the moment, considering that crime had spiralled out of controlled a month back when they announced that there was a crisis that couldn't be stopped. Back then, no-one when what it was, they didn't care, any excuse to be inhumane.  It was then that men began to kidnap women, no-one cared about the law, and no-one was going to be a hero when we were all doomed. Every man for themselves, that was the attitude that everyone had. Everyone. I couldn't help but think where we were being taken, I knew about the girls being kidnapped, but where they ended up was a different matter entirely. Where we are going to end up would seem a more appropriate statement.


We then halted. Throwing me against the wall just behind me, my bruises infesting in pain, I let out an agonising groan. Nothing happened for a moment, then girls started to scream. I started to panic. What can I do, just take it? Whatever it is. My cage now naked, a wide and burly man stood above me, I looked away from him, clawing at my palms in frustration. He unlocked the bars, with aggression pulling me out by my feet. My body slammed to the floor, pain coursing the under surface of my skin, almost cutting me. I screamed. My eyes fused together, tears streaming down my face. My fears now realised, I couldn't hold it back.


A pair of clammy hands pushed up against my neck, I tried to kick him but my tied together legs flailed about, much like an air-drowned fish.
"Shut the fuck up you bitch, or I'll take a piece before you're in for business..." He took a final squeeze before he let me go, and spitting on me. I opened my eyes, glaring at him in disgust whilst he chuckled. I had no idea where I was, it was not a place I recognised. Not that it mattered, even if I wanted to escape, I couldn't. I would be recaptured, and the fact that my body is worn doesn't assist the idea of wanting to run. Another factor of course being, guns. The man had a holster around him, a shotgun nestled in the leather. He was clearly the leader of this... whatever you call this. A gang? I don't know, neither does it matter.


He threw me over his child, like I was some sort of toy,
"Get the others!" he shouted to the other men which stood around him. Primitively was definitely something that has overcome those who are weak minded, that or those who were like this before but now can do so without it being out of the norm. Though there was something that was almost irritating me... I haven't seen a single zombie yet, which is weird considering I've seen the news reports (before they stopped) of the major cities, London being the worst. Flooded with blood, rotting flesh and the screams of the living. Looking at those reports, I concluded at that point that there is safety in single figures, you draw less attention to yourself. Though, I hadn't been outside at that point, now I know there is definitely safety in numbers, someone to shoot whatever is behind your back.


The man, who I'm going to dub as Beast, due to his larger stature and putrid breath carried be off into a large building. The large letters of hotel spray painted out, rather badly as well, were replaced with the words 'whores here'. It was then it clicked, we were being forced into prostitution. I began screaming, trying to kick Beast, but it was no use, he was so fat that it absorbed the blow. He ignored me, he'd probably dragged many girls in here by now. I don't understand how running a whore house would make any profit, there was no money anymore, it was worthless. The hotel before must of been a five star hotel, or so it appeared, very upper classed. The lumbering brute pushed open the double doors, my head hitting the wood as he strolled through. The reception was untouched from the infection, the bright chandelier still hanging, brightly. The marble floors and pillars were polished, green, growing plants dotted next to the luxurious, black leather sofas that were seated against the walls of the reception.


I simply bit my lip, and didn't speak. It was at this point I was lied on the floor of the reception, all of us girls were. A man, a tall one, walked over to me, holding a needle.
"This is to calm you down," he said, pushing my hair to the side and piercing my skin with the needle, I felt the fluid leaking into my body. My eyelids grew heavy, my eyesight becoming blurry. I couldn't fall asleep, I have no idea of what they would do to me. Well, I have some idea... 

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