The Perfect Date

This is all in one chapter but it's the whole story I like being different sorry if you don't like it it's my first story


1. Vacation

"Alexis?" "Yeah Ni?" "Do you know where I left the camera?" "On the counter." "Thanks" It was you and Niall's second vacation together and your four year anniversary, and are hoping this one goes better than the last lets just say ducks and ponds on a dark dark night are not your best friends. You planned to go to Sea World in Florida for the week you've always been fascinated by sea life. Niall had put all the bags and luggage in the car and was now eating some Nutella on toast, you had just finished eating and went upstairs to grab your phone you had a new message from Sophia and Elanore in your group chat they said to have fun and don't get into trouble you texted back I won't and little kisses.

Flash Forward: twelve hours

We had arrived at the hotel and as soon as we got into our room we colapssed onto the bed in each others arms and fell asleep. "Morning Nialler." I said as he walked out still rubbing sleep from his eyes I brushed away some loose strands of hair from his face and planted a kiss on his cheek. "Morning" he said in his thick accent. We got dressed Niall wore some baggy shorts and a green Nike tank with a SnapBack. I was wearing some jean shorts an inch above my knee at length and a green t that Niall got me which said ( Irish Princess) it was my fav shirt we each wore some white high tops and I grabbed one of my black beanies I adore them!

We had taken many pictures and had seen the whole place except for the whale show and the penguins. "Look Ni I found your relatives!" I pointed to the sweet cuddly little penguins. " very cute" he chuckled. There were no paparazzi and only a few fans that came up to me and Niall wanting a pic or autograph. I was a singer to I had placed first on the voice same year the guys were paired up and placed third on X factor our managers set up a meeting and that's how we met. We had now taken our seats for the show he had a surprise though we were right in the middle of the splash zone! "Ahh!" We along with the rest of the crowd screamed as cold water came crashing down on us!

After we recovered from the cold blast we cheered with delight! Shamoo was about to splash again but I hid behind Niall letting him absorb the cold blast. He stood drenched looking at me with slight anger in his eyes I giggled at him and wiped his hair of his forehead he softly kissed my temple as we returned our attention to the show.

Back at the hotel

Back at the hotel we changed out of our soggy clothes and warmed up with some hot chocolate the water was really cold! Niall and I loved horror movies so we turned on our fav prom night we loved it under the warm fleece blankets eating popcorn and drinking hot chocolate we snuggled up together before we knew it it was ten thirty so we finished off everything and got into our pajamas then climbed into bed I snuggled into his bare chest as I placed my hands on each side of his collarbone he rapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer he planted a kiss on the top of my head.

The next morning we went out to a festival did tons of rides and ate a lot when I say a lot I mean ALOT! We had come to the last ride of the day before the fireworks and lucky me it's the zipper the ride I'm horrified of I've been on once and we got stuck upside down for twenty minutes it may not seem long but fifty feet in the air no seat belt or bars just a flimsy metal door keeping me from falling I was petrified. But somehow he got me on. I was shaking like I was in nothing but my underwear in the snow I wasn't cold I was scared the ride was over within five minutes after loud screaming and many flips the zipper has carts like a Ferris wheel only your boxed in and while those flip the thing spinning them flips too.

( I've been in it in real life I didn't get stuck but just thinking about it makes me shake I'm seriously shaking right now)

We went down to the car which was in the perfect place to see the fire works Niall grabbed three blankets two pillows and a picnic basket containing food, sparklers along with a lighter to lite them with, and a special something. Just as the grand finale starts Niall jumps up and runs up to the front of the stage where they were being set off carrying me on his back I was alarmed and a little shaken but settled down the fireworks stopped and a man came onto the stage everyone's attention turned to him as he spoke " My friend Niall has an announcement to make please everyone give your attention to him!" The man finished and all eyes were on us I turn to Niall who is now down on one knee and holding a small black box my hands cover my mouth in shock and my eyes are wide filling with tears. " Alexis I've loved you since I first laid eyes in you and these past four years have been the best years of my life everyday with you is perfect I always said I would propose on valentines day like my dad did to my mum so here I am Alexis Nicole Messing will you make me the happiest man alive and please marry me?" Tears flooded my eyes as I shook my head yes he took my hand and placed the beautiful silver ring on my finger stood up and pulled me in for a kiss as another firework flew into the night sky and formed a red heart above our heads.

Later that night in the hotel we had gotten to bed after tea and a good dinner. " I love you so much Niall and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you." "Me too and I'm glad I went all out only the best for the best girl." " Aww that's too sweet Nialler." " I can never be too sweet to you princess." He says as he kisses my lips and igniting that same spark we have every time we kiss it's just amazing.

Flash forward: 2 months the day of the wedding

Elanore, Sophia, Perrie, and Allyssa were helping me get ready Allyssa my BFFAA ( best friend forever and always) was so picky she was adjusting the flower in my tousled hair that Lou helped me with. (not Louis Lou Teasdale) my dress was long and a fresh fallen Snow White color Perrie finished my makeup just a light mascara eyeshadow and red lipstick. Elanore gave me a hug as did the others as she left the room to go check up with Louis about Niall.

" How's Niall is he ready?" " Yeah take a look." El peeked through the door and saw Niall adjusting his tie on his suit while looking in the mirror smiling to himself she heard him say "Today's the day I'm so excited I'm going to with my princess forever!" Lou was the best man and was up at the top of the isle waiting for me to come out. My brother Rob was going to escort me down the isle since our dad passed of cancer when I was twelve on August fifth two days before my birthday and a few days after our beloved dog smokey had to be put down because his legs stopped functioning.

( sorry it just helps when I tell the whole story of my dad it helps me remember yes everything I said about my dad passing is true.)

I'll update later

I linked arms with Rob and the music started playing Niall's eyes flew to the direction of the door. Of course Allyssa would have made me get the longest dang dress in the store it would drape of the platform and stairs but it wasn't too too long like she had wanted. I had gotten up to the platform and everyone was seated as the ceremony began. My sister Amy, Amber, Dylan, Bobby,and mason along with my mum were on one side in the front row while Niall's family Bobby, Maura, Greg, his wife, and Theo were opposite to the side my family was on. The priest had finished talking and mason ( the ring bearer) came up walking slowly with the rings on a black silk pillow wearing a black little tux just like Niall's everyone let out an awe even the priest as mason said " Please be good to Alexis." In the sweetest voice possible I planted a kiss on my 5 year old nefuoe's head. " Trust me little buddy I will." Niall said.

We were ready to say our I do's "Do you Niall Horan take Alexis Messing to be your lawfully wedded wife?" " I do." " And do you Alexis Messing take Niall Horan to be your lawfully wedded husband?" "I do." "You may kiss the bride!" The priest said as we finished putting on each others rings Niall pulled me into a deep long kiss as everyone cheered!

Three months later we were on our honeymoon Maura and Connie (my mum) bought the most expensive place they could find i was on the phone with my mum " mum you and Maura didn't have to do this for us." " only the best for my baby girl and her amazing husband." " haha love you mum." " love you too lexi baby bye." " bye." Niall entered the room as soon as i set down my phone. The room had dark red walks with a super soft white carpet that you could literally fall asleep on cherry blossom sent filled the room and a pool with a hot tub inside the king sized bed with silk white curtains surrounded with rose petals mum still wouldn't tell me how much she and Maura paid but i can tell it was a lot. "Isnt it beautiful?" " sure is Nialler." " you ok you seen down?" " im alright just a little head ache." " ok just making sure you wanna take a swim?" " sure." So Niall got in his swim trunks and i changed into my american flag bikini and we went swimming in our pool. I was about to get out and grab a drink to bring in but i felt two strong arms rap around me as the water churned and i was pulled back under the water i had caught a breath just before i sank down when my eyes opened i was met by two blue eyes then he pulled my closer and planted a kiss on my lips the kiss deepened as we came up for air after we each caught our breath we sank back down and kissed again. 20 minutes after that we each dried of and got a drink Niall grabbed a beer and since I don't drink I got a cherry coke. We were watching walking dead on this amazing flat screen TV cuddling up together on the comfiest couch ever. Late at night we were in bed I had a strange nightmare I was trapped in some kind of black hole all I could see was black for miles and some figure saying "it's me." Every few minutes. I woke up crying Niall sitting up above me looking down at me scared when I looked up at him tears still streaming from my face her embraced me in a huge horan hug layed beside me and started to sing me to sleep he was singing Ed Sheeran : Thinking Out Loud and I was out in a few minutes tenderly snuggled up close to Niall my head in his chest and hands on each side of his collarbone his arms rapped around my waist as he placed a soft kiss on my head and brushed a strand of hair out of my face lightly with his pointer finger.

( 1 year later)

"Mum where are you!" My beautiful daughter yelled for me. " In the kitchen!" I yelled back. She and my handsome son entered the room. My daughter is 7 with Niall's blue eyes and my brown hair which I guess came from Niall too because he's a natural brunette she is 4,2 and is named Faith. Our son has Niall's blonde hair and my brown eyes he's basically the opposite of Faith he is older than her by 1 month, is 4,3 and is named Asher.

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