When you wake up and you don't remember anything and your just in a strange bed where the bedsheets are have blood on them it's just you and the evil figure who will win? when your on your own and no one can help you how do you ever have a chance of escaping? This is Abby miller's story where she gets kidnapped but no one's there for her until she meets Adam.


13. What happens to Abby?

Abby And adam grow old together they are both 30 years old now and have 5 children Megan Jacob,Mary,Rose and Leah Who they still share this story with till this day Chris and Adam's mum are now together and they both enjoy seeing their grandchildren. Abby is sad that her own parents aren't alive to be with her but Chris and Adam and Adam's mum make her feel happy and she can share them even though they're not her real parents. Another book is coming out soon called Passion fruit about a girl called Grace who suffers from autism and struggles to understand the world around her but when she goes to does a talent show at school she finds that  life is better than it seems don't know when it's coming out. But hopefully it will be soon thank you very much guys and hopefully they're will be more books coming out soon. 

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