When you wake up and you don't remember anything and your just in a strange bed where the bedsheets are have blood on them it's just you and the evil figure who will win? when your on your own and no one can help you how do you ever have a chance of escaping? This is Abby miller's story where she gets kidnapped but no one's there for her until she meets Adam.


6. Welcome to your hotel room!

Adam and Abby came to The room Abby would be sleeping in it was beautiful the bed had a neatly folded sheet which was red with roses all over a small bathroom and a small black tv. Adam said to Abby "Abby this is your room i am here to give you instructions."  Abby said "oh Adam my tummy hurts Adam said Abby be free to come down and get a snack or food whenever you need something." Abby said" thanks alot Adam i'm very grateful for what you and your dad have done for me"  Adam exited the room and left Abby to have a look around. Abby said to herself my head is really hurting it feels like the floor is coming up oh no Abby coplassed and that's all she knew.

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