When you wake up and you don't remember anything and your just in a strange bed where the bedsheets are have blood on them it's just you and the evil figure who will win? when your on your own and no one can help you how do you ever have a chance of escaping? This is Abby miller's story where she gets kidnapped but no one's there for her until she meets Adam.


5. Adam

 Adam led Abby into his father's hotel the walls were beautiful covered with pictures of people dancing and it looked very posh.  Adam saw his father at the reception desk where he worked and said to his father "father theres a young girl here called Abby she has nowhere to go and she can't remember a thing she needs help"  His father said in a jolly voice "well tell her she can come over here so i can meet her" Adam gave adam a look to say that she could come over. Abby walked nervously over and Adam's dad said "hello Abby my name is Chris" "Hi abby" whispered Chris said to Abby "don't be afraid Abby i do have a room available for you to sleep in and tomorrow we can see about finding your parents and getting you home safe and sound". Thank you Abby said very gratefully Then Chris said to Adam "Son show Abby where her room is" Adam showed Abby the directions to her room.

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