When you wake up and you don't remember anything and your just in a strange bed where the bedsheets are have blood on them it's just you and the evil figure who will win? when your on your own and no one can help you how do you ever have a chance of escaping? This is Abby miller's story where she gets kidnapped but no one's there for her until she meets Adam.


12. A note from Chlo

Hello Guys i have loved writing this book so much Abby has become so real to me and i got the idea from it when i kept hearing on the news people being drugged the drugs caused Abby to faint and when you have drugs it makes you very poorly. Drugs are very dangerous they can make it hard for you to breathe, make you have kidney failure so on. So many people have enjoyed this book so much and i'm thankful for all of you!  Thanks for the support and comments from people telling me how much they enjoyed this i never actually thought a story would become so real to me. I love reading and none of this is from any books it's my own work. This idea actually came when i was doing a wordsearch and i thought about it for ages i wrote it down in a notebook and then  on here. Sorry if this note's a bit long but i've got quite a bit to say to all of you!

I recently learned how to do speech marks nobody helped with the speech marks because i managed to do them myself this was completely independent  nobody helped me or gave me any ideas Hopefully are have more books like this because i like entertaining you. And i have written loads of movellas before i ran out of ideas this is my longest book ever!  Abby did survive sorry about the bit of the cliff Hanger i wanted to make you guys think to make the story more exciting. I really hope that  lots of people enjoy this book for years to come!

It's seem a bit daft but i really wanted to write to you guys about this story. This story has a bit of religion in it sorry if your not christian or catholic  you can still read this book This was to show God is there by you all the time you just have to trust in him and he will come to you when your in time of need he will never hurt you or anything he will wait for you to trust him to test your faith.


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