When you wake up and you don't remember anything and your just in a strange bed where the bedsheets are have blood on them it's just you and the evil figure who will win? when your on your own and no one can help you how do you ever have a chance of escaping? This is Abby miller's story where she gets kidnapped but no one's there for her until she meets Adam.


11. A big miracle

Soon it was morning and Adam and chris woke up and there in front of them was Abby God had been there all along all Adam needed to do was pray to him for help God heard him and helped them. They were so grateful and happy that god had been within them all of the time. Abby's eye's opened and she said "Wow what a dream i thought i was in a coma" Adam Was  so happy he bent over and Kissed her. Chris was told later that day That Abby's parents had died in a car crash and that she was now a orphan Chris told abby this Abby started crying she didn't want to be a orphan latety nothing had gone right for Abby she thought her life would always be like this.But Later that day Chris decided he would adopt Abby This was so great news for Abby she loved Chris and he was so lovely Her and Adam spent many nights together sitting eating popcorn and staring into each other's eyes. Adam's Mum and dad finally started talking and they had a wonderful christmas.

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