life in the mansion

we all live in a very big house and it just follows us in day to day life.


1. tour of the place.

It was finally done, the group all sat around their perfect home sharing warm smiles and general happiness. Ponyo, Yuno, Bennett, Robert, Tessco, Cathal, Jayden and Yuki. they all sat, looking at the big field of land filled by their housing. they were all so happy. Yuki got up and walked towards one of the moving trucks, he turned back and said with a smile "we best get unpacked then." He looked so happy that the group could all live in the same house. They all split into groups of males and not males and went to the different dormitories, one for boys and one for girls, each connected by underground tunnels so we can visit each other.


They all unpacked and met in the main building where they had the lounge and everything else needed for every day life. This is where they would spend most their time and form some of their happiest memories, there was something for everyone in this place: rooms just for games, a room for anime and mange, rooms for sports and a screening room for watching things. They all sat in the lounge and ordered a Chinese, they had just moved in so nobody felt like cooking, they had finally made their dream come true, they all exchanged smiles and hugs all around and happiness filled the room, nobody could ask for more.

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