life in the mansion

we all live in a very big house and it just follows us in day to day life.


2. our first night.

The Chinese arrived and they all sat around the table and shared funny stories and really bad jokes (compliments  of Bennett)  while they ate. they all had a  cup of tea just because they are British and went to Their respective dormitory rooms. 


In the girls dorm Ponyo and tessco sat in the communal room at the bottom talking about Sherlock and books while Yuno was no where to be seen.

The boys sat  in their respective rooms, all except for yuki and robert, playing games, texting each other (because sociability is for scrubs) and generally being unproductive all while Yuno, Yuki and Robert all went to the DVD/anime storage room to pick something to watch but none of them expected to see each other there (except Robert and Yuki).

Yuno got there first and contemplated what to watch when the other two arived, "hi." Yuki stated startling Yuno. It made him laugh. They all walked to their favorite sections of watching material to pick something out, Yuno and Yuki were infront of the anime section while Robert was at the DC comics part.


None of them could decide what to watch so they took the 5th dark knight film and went to watch it in the screening room. they all sat, Yuno in the middle, Yuki in a corner and Robert in the front. we couldn't get comfortable so we all moved and ended up next to each other, all of us tired but not wanting to admit it. soon we all dozed off in our seats and waiting for the morning sun.

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