life in the mansion

we all live in a very big house and it just follows us in day to day life.


3. Dawn.

Ponyo and Tessco snuck into the screening room with a party popper ammo belt they had made during the night. All of a sudden Tessco screamed "ATTAAAAAAACK" and began setting hers off, Ponyo following suit, making the others jump out of their skins.

"YOU LIL SHITS!" Robert dived over the back of the sofa and out through the door, the moment Cathal walked in with a mug of coffee.

"Dafuq...?" he said, watching the chaos unfold from the safety of the doorway.

Tessco was laughing manically and still firing party-poppers, Bennett had taken to cowering under the coffee table with only a spoon for protection, Yuki and Yuno were hiding behind a bookcase using the TV remote as a shield, and Jayden- through all the noise- was still asleep.

Ponyo turned to look at him and gave him an apologetic look before re-joining the carnage. They had gotten through 367 (368 now Tessco had set another off) in under 4 minutes and the floor was completely covered.

Cathal rolled his eyes and made his way back to the kitchen, "Why the hell did I agree to live here? They're all nuts."

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