The Designer's Daughter


2. Chapter 2

"C'mon Carter we have to go to the office!" My dad yelled, yes I'm 17 and still go to my dad to his office. "Ok, ok." I yelled back as I slipped on my jeans and sweatshirt, then combing my hair. I then snatched my phone and walked down the steps of the wooden stairs. 

We pulled in with my dad finishing his 'I shouldn't have to wait for you' speech and walked into his office, I go behind the desk my older sister works at and grab a magazine. Soon after my sister buzzing through the door running behind the desk as well. "Good mourning!" She said with sarcasm "your's doesn't look like its going so well." I say as she smiled back at me

It's almost closing time when one boy looking around my age ran to the front desk. Now he was hot, dark hair with blond highlights, tall... "Um hello?" He asked hope in his voice, I was about to shove my sister since she worked here but then I noticed she's gone. I stood up my legs shaking, I was never good in front of people "hi can I help you?" I asked as sweet as I could "yes you can sweetheart, is there a designer around here I can talk to?" He asked I shifted uncomfortably at the pet name and showed him the way to my dad. I'm going to find Jamie I walked down the hallway to find my sister...sleeping. "Jamie get your little as-" Before I could finish there was a cough I turned around to find three other boys. "Hi!" I spoke scared "Can I help you?" I asked politely "Yes you can our friend came in a couple minutes ago to look for a designer?" He asked but I don't know why it turned into a questioned. I pointed to the long hallway "first door to your left." I say "Thanks." The curly haired one said. 


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