He has a mission.
She's just an innocent girl.

To be accepted, he has to get a woman to trust him. And kill her at the end. Without him knowing, things took a turn for the worst.



1. Prologue

Walking down the narrow stairs, he already could hear the sound of people chattering.
Going down, all eyes were on him.
A few men stood up, ready to attack him.
But a certain man put up his hand, and with that, the few men return to what they were doing.
Realizing that man was the leader, this intrigued young man approached him, sitting on a chair in front of him.
The lights created a shadow, covering half of the leader's face.

Knowing this was his chance to speak, he declared that he wanted to join them.

A few men tittered hearing his statement.
"You?" The leader smirked.
Swallowing his saliva, he nodded.
The leader who had a smug smile plastered leaned in closer, the shadow created by the dim lights was now gone, revealing his full face. "Do you really think you can join the Red Birds?"
"Yes, even if it costs my life."
Now everyone's attention was on this man with a death wish.

The smell of alcohol, cigarettes and trash filled this run-down basement.
"Then prove it."
The young man's eyes were on him now.
"Prove you're one of us." He continued.

The young man frowned, hinting him to continue.

"I want you to get a girl to trust you, and kill her."
He continue afterwards, "And if you can't complete this within a month, you'll die instead."

The young man snickered,
"That's all?"


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