He has a mission.
She's just an innocent girl.

To be accepted, he has to get a woman to trust him. And kill her at the end. Without him knowing, things took a turn for the worst.



3. Chapter 2

"Here's your latte macchiato, careful, it's hot."

I thanked the waitress, as she took her step to leave.
Waiting for my latte to cool down, I scrolled through my texts. Most of it were from friends congratulating me.
I checked the clock on the phone. It was 4:05 PM. The first day of work wasn't so bad, despite the immediate work I was given to review.

There was a feeling that I couldn't really call out, but it was an intimidating feeling. I felt like someone was staring at me. I observed around, and saw a familiar man eyeing me up and down.

It was the same guy who was staring at me at work!

Once he realized I was looking at him, he stood up and started walking towards my direction. He stopped directly opposite me, on the other side of the table.
"May I help you?"
Once I said that, he smiled. He drew the chair and sat in front of me.
I took a sip of my latte, "I never really invited you."
He laughed, "Yes, I realized that. I invited myself. No harm done?"
I shrugged, continuing to draw attention to my phone.

He acknowledged that he was being ignored, and snatched away my phone.
I squealed, surprised.
"You drive to work?"
I raised my eyebrow, "Yes, and it would be awesome as hell if you could give me back my phone."
He slid the phone across the table, to my reach.
"Drive me home."
I blurted out a laugh, and covered my mouth with my free hand, "And why would I do that? I barely know you!"
He leaned in closer, and his cologne was intoxicating. "Then know me."
He childishly smiled, "Come on. I don't have a car! I have to take a taxi everyday!"
"Go pick on someone else." I shooed him.
"But I like you."

I looked into his eyes intently.
"I just started work today, and you already like me?"
He nodded. He then continued, "Come on, I could save a few bucks!"
"It's just a few bucks!"
"Why spend when I can ride your car for free?"
"And who said you were going to?"
I paused and studied his face. After a while, I continued talking, "I don't even know your name, for god's sake!"
He extended his arm. "Adam Carr."
I rolled my eyes, ignoring his extended arm. He finally put down his hand. "Come on. Please? Please?"

I asked for the bill after finally, said yes. He tailed me, and stepped into the front seat of my car.
I turned on the engine.

"You're gonna give me directions." I asked, more like demanded.
He leaned back, "My house is just a block away from yours."
Before I stepped on the gas, I looked at him, "I literally moved it yesterday. How did you know where I live?"
I received no replies, but instead got myself a smirk.
I sighed.

He spoke up, "Let's get to know each other."
Focusing on my driving, I replied, "I already know you. You're a jerk."
"Hey not entirely! I'm a good person!" Adam replied.
"Yeah right."

So basically he asked me questions and forced the answers out of me. He's 27 and apparently a good chef, according to him anyway. He asked me if I was seeing anyone, and I was too skeptical to answer. But I responded anyway.

We finally arrived at his house. I dropped him in front of his porch.

He thanked me before entering his house.

From afar, I could hear him shout, "You're picking me up tomorrow morning!" Before closing the door, not allowing me to respond any further.

Great, just great.

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