He has a mission.
She's just an innocent girl.

To be accepted, he has to get a woman to trust him. And kill her at the end. Without him knowing, things took a turn for the worst.



2. Chapter 1



I dropped myself onto the armchair. The silent night was deafening. After getting used to a busy city-like atmosphere, this sudden change sure isn't comfortable.
I looked around my new home. Half-furnished. The cold breeze from outside caused my blinds to shift from it's original position.

It was a quarter to eleven, but I wasn't tired, despite the fact that I did a lot of shopping today.

I put down the cup I was holding onto the marble table and laid flat on my bed. I recalled what had happen. Was I finally happy moving, and staying by myself?
I tried to sleep by closing my eyes, but was rudely interrupted with a phone call. I reached my phone from the bedside table.

Not bothering to check the caller ID, I picked it up.
A middle-aged lady's voice greeted me through the speaker. I immediately recognized the voice, and a smile plastered onto my face.

I heard a laugh from the other line, "Oh honey. How is your new place?"
I sighed, "Boring, ma. It's different from the city."
"Don't worry, I'll visit you soon whenever I'm free, okay?"
I smiled.
There was a comfortable silence before I continued, "It's pretty tough living on my own."
"You're going to be alright."
"I already miss you." My voice begins to break.
I could actually feel her smiling.
She responded then, "I'll send you a lot of snacks soon, don't worry. But for now, I have to go. Your brother's making a fuss in the kitchen."
"Oh. Alright. I'll talk to you soon, ma. I love you."
"I love you too, Hannah."
And then she hung up.

I sighed as I threw my phone across the bed.
After staring at the ceiling, the exhaustion is starting to come through. Soon enough, my eyelids were too heavy for me to support, and I fell asleep.




I was awaken by the sound of chirping birds sitting by my window. Groggily, I stood up to receive a massive migraine. I looked at the clock on my iPhone.

5 minutes past nine. I have an hour and 25 minutes to get ready for my first day at work. I had myself reinstated to another branch.
I showered, washing every inch of my body, not missing a part.

After I was done, I stepped out of the steamy bathroom and blow-dried my hair. Thinking I had to make a great impression on my first day, I curled the ends of my hair, let it flow on my shoulder.
I usually do my hair first before I put on my clothes and do my make-up. Weird, I guess.

I picked out a shift dress with roll neck, and finally put on makeup.

Finally done, I vacated my new home and stepped into my car and went straight to Scope Publishers.
As I entered the building, I was greeted by a middle-aged man, "Ms. Hannah Tucker?"
Acknowledging his ID tag, I replied, "Hello, Mr. Vasquez."
He extended his arm to shake hands with me, which I was obliged to do so.
"I believe I will have the courtesy to show you around, seeing that I will be your superior starting from today."

I just nodded, ready to follow him, when I heard a discreet noise behind me. I chose to ignore that, since it was minor to what I was doing before.

Vasquez showed me around the headquarter, and we ended up in front of a room which "Editorial Staff" was written on it.
"I believe you handled editing before you were reinstated?"
I nodded, "And I'll do my best to learn how things work today."
I thanked him before he took his leave, and I walked into the room. In there, all eyes were on me. Awkwardly, I waved.

Another middle-aged stood up, approaching me. "You must be Ms. Tucker. We were given a notice that a new editorial staff will be joining us today."
I smiled, "Yes. And I would be indebted to all of you if you could guide me today."
"Absolutely! Ah, for now, your desk will be over there." He pointed at the vacant desk at the corner of the room.
He continued, "I'm sorry if it's a mess. We just started a new project and it's due next week. Busy as ever."

I proceed to my desk, organizing my stuff. There was already a stack of paper on the desk. 
"And that is for you to review." Another man came up to my desk. He was shocking beautiful. 
"Ah. I assume so."
He smiled, leaving my desk and going back to his.

I observed the room. Everyone was doing their own work.
But there was a particular man opposite my desk. He kept on eyeing me. Once he saw me glanced at him, he shot me a smug smile and looked away.

Things the new girl get, eh?

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