Death Toul

Devon Bill, Zachary Dillon, and me. We all have to survive, but that doesn't mean we do...


2. Run 'n' gun

"What's that?" asked Zach. "It's a person who is runnin' pretty fast.", said Devon. "Quick! Get to the shelter and gear up. Grab weapons, armor, and food", I said, realizing that the "person" was hostile. We ran back to an old building where were living. It was a small hospital-like shelter. We had collected a lot of guns during our work shifts, mostly AK-47s and AK ammo. The thing was getting closer and closer to the building. We grabbed a couple of AK-47s and aimed at it. We pulled the triggers and all you could hear was POP,POP,POP,POP,POP! We had litten the "zombie", as Devon had called it, up. We walked up to it. It wasn't moving, so we assumed it was dead. But we assumed wrong. As we walked back to the shelter, it moaned. "Tired?" I asked Zach. "That wasn't me...", said Zach.

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