You make me strong. HS.


1. The Ellen Show.

Emily's pov.

"We are ready in 5 minutes." Someone said in the speaker. The Ellen Show. First interwiew ever. The dress code was 'pretty but casual.' I don't know how to look like that?

Idk. I just put on a thight red lace crop top, paired with some nice black shorts. My hair is in a big and fluffy bun and the makeup is very natrual: a little concealer, pressed powder and one light coat of 'greath lash' mascara from maybelline.

Security and camera people were running around, stressed.

"It's now Emily. Go." A female voice said in the speaker. I took a deep breath and walked. It felt like every step took a minute - slowmotion. I could hear and feel my heart beat getting louder and louder. At the end of the hall there was one door. It was white and bright.

I placed my shaky hand on the handle. I pressed it down and pushed the door.

Ellen's voice was loud. "And this is the beautiful, almost famous girlfriend everybody should know. Emily!" People were clapping and whistling.

I looked at Ellen and she told me to sit in the chair beside her. I tried to breathe normally but i couldn't. Everything just felt so overwhelming. So many people, live on tv and stuff like that.

"Welcome Emily. Are you okay?" I smiled a fake smile and answered "Yea, i'm just a bit nervous." I answered, trying to act confident but i couldn't..

"Oh Honey. Don't be nervous! Nobody's judging you." She said with a happy and beautiful smile. "Thanks." I mumbled.

'First of all, you look stunning! But now to the more serious question. How's it going with you and Harry?" She asked.

"Oh? Uhmm.. We're having a good time.. Like.. He's making me smile. He kinda saved my life. I couldn't be more happy." I said.

"Well.. That's why i invited him. Come on in Harry!" She said loud.

My jaw dropped and i started crying. The door opened and in walks the sexy and handsome Harry Styles. My beautiful boyfriend.

"Amazing to be here again! I love this place, Ellen!" Harry said amazed with a smile. When he saw me he smiled a lot. Ellen said something but i didn't hear any of it. My makeup was ruined but i couldn't be happier. When he came over to me i didn't even say hi before i kissed him. Last time i kissed him as passionate as this was months ago. I gave him all the love i could in just one single kiss that seemed to last forever.

When Harry pulled his face away from mine he smirked and kissed me gentle on the cheek. "Hi beautiful! I've missed you a lot!"

I looked at him and i tried to stop crying of happines, but i couldn't. It was embarresesing but i didn't care. He was here and that was all i wanted right now.

"We'll be back in 10 minutes everyone. Just a short break! Love all of you!" 

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