MB Imagines *Starring You*

This is a book about you and MB. Freaky Romantic Sad Funny Requests Available.


1. Princeton♥️

You and Princeton have been dating for 5 months now. He has been acting weirdly lately. So tonight yall were supposed to go to dinner but he started a argument with you and you canceled it. So to let off steam you went to your best friend's house. Then Princeton texted you.


Text Messages

Misfit☮: Come home babe

FlawlessBitchYn💋: NO!

Misfit☮: Babe look I know I fucked up I want you here with you please baby come home.

FlawlessBitchYn💋: Fine.

You drove home and walked thru the door and found rose petals leading to your bedroom. You followed the rose petals up to your bedroom and found a big heart on your bed made of chocolate. Inside the heart it said "Will you marry me?". You shed a few tears. You felt arms wrapped around your waist. You turned and saw Princeton. You kissed him.


Princeton: *gets on one knee* YFN (Your full name)


Princeton: *kisses you*


Y'all got married. Y'all ended up having 2 kids. Boy and a girl.

Girl name: Ciera Symone Perez

Boy name: Jacob Anthony Perez Jr.

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