Dont Enter My Life

all the shadows running left me behind. for me to drown in the darkness, but instead of dying. i became one with it.

"dont play with the fire boy..."
"you'll just get burned..."

i am a pyromanian girl, i have the control over the fire...and other things wait and see. my loved ones are dead. i am alone and will be till the day i choose to die. since i am immortal, its up to My decision


5. Weekend.

i had fallen asleep on the couch, someone had put a blanket over me. who you ask. guess who was sitting beneath the couch waiting for me...


i groaned and slowly opened my eyes. "freaking ey..." i mumbled and rubbed my one of my eyes. "well morning to you too...!" The guy with the weird hair said cheerfull

"Ehh...?" i said confused cuz there they all sat. they laughed a little. "breakfast is ready Princess...." they boy from yesterday said and winked at me. "Ahaa..." i jumped out of the couch. avoiding all of them at ones. "Gareth, William. are you dead...?" i entered the kitchen. they laughed and said 'Good morning'

"im going out hunting. dont tell them i dont want them to run in my way..." i went up changing. still avoiding the boys. i found out their names today too. Callum is the guy i met yesterday. the brown haired boy is Ashton, Luke is the blond. and Michael is with the interesting hair colors that change from time to time.

i changed into my camo outfit and went into the forest. it was always warm unless i decide it to be cold. #swagMaster...

i was apperently able to walk past them without them noticing. so easy. first lesson for them, Be more aware of your surroundings. an enemy could walk right past these boys.... i sighed and took out my sniper.

i found a deer and aimed for it. "got ya...." i whispered and pulled the trigger. BAM! dead deer. i laughed and walked over to it. and found a little Bambi sitting there. (i know its not Bambi shut up, its my way of saying bebs.!) "oh..." i kneeled down reaching out for it. "im sorry for shooting your mom Bambi..." i whispered.


"well would you look at that" i heard luke behind me. "you shot it's mother...?" he kneeled down. "do you regret it..." he asked politly. "shut it luke. i do regret killing its mom in front of it of course" i mumbled. "well it looks like you've got a heart after all..." he smirked. "i said shut it" i bumbed to him. "i'll fix this" he was an waterbender so he could heal.


"show off..." i said after he has healed it and the two deers jumped around. now the mother has experienced death. Hehe gotta be fun at some point going in and saying. HI! and BYE BIATCH!.... lol

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