Dont Enter My Life

all the shadows running left me behind. for me to drown in the darkness, but instead of dying. i became one with it.

"dont play with the fire boy..."
"you'll just get burned..."

i am a pyromanian girl, i have the control over the fire...and other things wait and see. my loved ones are dead. i am alone and will be till the day i choose to die. since i am immortal, its up to My decision


4. talking isn't my best.

i dried off my face, and opened the door. all of them were standing and looking confused at me. i growled and they went off to their rooms. i sighed and walked downstairs. i dried off the last tear and felt a hand on my shoulder.

"what...?" i turned around to see the guy with the brown hair. "are... you ok...?" he asked nervous. i narrowed my eyes. "yes im fine" i crossed my arms. "we heard a bump and thought som-" i stopped him. "i dont want to sound rude, but it doesn't concern you..." and i walked off. i felt him glaring after me.


Ashton's P.o.v


she's pretty lost...

"hey guys..." i walked into lukes room, finding them all in there. they had already packed out. "hey mate whats up...?"luke asked and looked at me like a child. "i, just checked on her" they all looked confused. i sighed. "if you didnt notice, she had a tear on her cheek. asshats" i crossed my arms. "Ohhh..." they all said. i facepalmed and joined the on the couch. "its pretty luxurious here huh...?" i turned my head looking out on the balcony. "i wonder how she got all this money..." Callum then looked at me and smiled. "but why, she is royalty" he smirked. "Whuuuuaaat?!" Michael yelled and pomfed Callum in the head with a pillow.


Felicia's P.o.v


i could hear them scream and rubbed against my temple's. "if they keep screaming all night i am going to ducktape them all to a wall" William laughed at me. "well wont they just scream more Milady...?" i shrugged and turned on the tv. "are you done with your studies Milady..?" Gareth asked. i nodded as response. "fine then, we are going to prepare the food for tonight since they are here, it will take a little longer" i nodded and they left into the kitchen.

"i should give them more money. they are working really hard" i sighed. I cleared my throat and shouted out to them in the kitchen. "you are getting paid more in the next two years because of their stay!". then I could hear them cheer and giving each other high five. i shook my head and smiled.

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