Dont Enter My Life

all the shadows running left me behind. for me to drown in the darkness, but instead of dying. i became one with it.

"dont play with the fire boy..."
"you'll just get burned..."

i am a pyromanian girl, i have the control over the fire...and other things wait and see. my loved ones are dead. i am alone and will be till the day i choose to die. since i am immortal, its up to My decision


2. start of school, Yaaaaa....

Felicia's P.O.V

ok Felicia you've got this! its first day of school, and if you embarrass yourself, then you've fucking up. Too Bad!

"ok class today there is a new student, she is from royal blood. so you treat her well" everyone now looked at me and i sunk into my leather jacket, pulling up my leather gloves. people then started mumbling. 

"her name is Felicia Everin, and she lives out of town"

oh yeah i didnt find a good school close to my forest so i am driving, in my pretty expensive car. i am such a showoff.

"so class lets begin" and there the class went by like that. i knew everything she said, so i wasnt so caught up in it. 

i was walking out to my locker when some guys stopped me. 

"oh a new student...?" 1 boy said. "lets introduce her to the rules". "all of the girls in this school belong to me..." he laughed. "including you" i rolled my eyes. "in you fucking dreams boy...." i walked away leaving him shocked, and his friends laughing their asses off. "what did you say...?" he growled walking after me, he was a airbender and he sent air at my shirt, trying to lift it. i turned around with a irritated expression. "do you need hearing aid?!" i growled back. "Dont play with the fire Boy!"

he laughed. "do you know who i am?!" he grabbed my shoulder. "i dont know who you are. but i know who i am, your worst nightmare! a girl with standards!" i yelled furios. i could hear the friends say Ohhhh! behind him and he walked back. trying to get them to shut up.

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