Dont Enter My Life

all the shadows running left me behind. for me to drown in the darkness, but instead of dying. i became one with it.

"dont play with the fire boy..."
"you'll just get burned..."

i am a pyromanian girl, i have the control over the fire...and other things wait and see. my loved ones are dead. i am alone and will be till the day i choose to die. since i am immortal, its up to My decision


3. Newcomers...

this day wasnt all that bad, but some of the boys there are just, so fuckin' dumb. i bet the boys were standing there like.


Callum's p.o.v

"Danmit! this, Fuckin' Girl!" i yelled scratching my head. "she regretted me!" the others were giggling like little girls. "Would you guys MIND?!" i yelled and they stopped. "i am going over to luke, ashton and micheal, you guys are hideously dumb" and they bursted into laughter. "fuck you guys"


Felicia's P.o.v

"Finally" i said and parked in front of my mansion. "there are just some times i can't stand driving around" i took out my keys to see the door already was unlocked. "What?!" i slammed through the door to see, three boys and then the boy from before. "well hello to you...." the boy from before smirked. i my eye gave out a tick. "what the hell are you doing in my house...?" i said calmly smiling quite insane. "Well we just happened to find this house..." a boy with blond hair tried to excuse himself but is stopped him mid sentence. "and then you break into it...?" my eye's started going red. "you need to learn to behave" i walked over to them and looked up on the blond guy. "well i am sorry i broke into your house, but, this forest is told to be haunted. every time someone walk into it it, a fire appears" he smirked, he bowed down in my height. "is that something you are aware of, young lady...?"

"Pftt!" i said and pushed my way through them. "maybe, now leave" i commanded. the boys looked around at each other. and then grabbed down in their pockets to get up, all of them a key. "we were sent here to learn by the owner" i was shocked. i gulped and grabbed the blonds key. 

my eyes flickered. "fucking... ArgH!" i sighed. "so you are the ones i got letters from, fricking hell...." i said and walked up the stair, throwing back the key. "the keys are for your rooms, and you behave in my house, i'll train you tomorrow" the boy looked shocked. "Wai-!" i turned around with red flaming from my eyes. and he stopped again. "no more questions. "Gerath and William will help you with your bags!"


and thus they appeared and showed them to their rooms, i went to my study preparing for a test next week. the other boys were frozen, i loved their expressions. but i didn't expect them to be serious-about the training.

after entering my study i broke down, curled down on the floor. "Milady are you ok in there...?" Gareth asked from the outside. "i-im f-fine g-gareth, -j-just l-leave m-me" i stuttered. "are you sure Milady...?"  he knocked. i crawled up using the table as support. i looked at the mirror. i was flaming red in the face. "y-yes G-gareth" i took a deep breath. "im fine gareth go show the newcomers around"

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