Dont Enter My Life

all the shadows running left me behind. for me to drown in the darkness, but instead of dying. i became one with it.

"dont play with the fire boy..."
"you'll just get burned..."

i am a pyromanian girl, i have the control over the fire...and other things wait and see. my loved ones are dead. i am alone and will be till the day i choose to die. since i am immortal, its up to My decision


6. conversation

Luke's P.o.v

this girl had feelings too. she looked really interested in my healing and probably was shocked that i knew how to heal too. i still didn't know if she was an elemental. but i knew my parents sat me off to learn. and the mysterious person living in the cursed woods were the one to help train. she could be a fire elemental like Michael but i wasn't sure. All though the forest sat on fire when people tried to enter.

"so you are the master of all elements that my parents talk so much about?" i asked.she nodded. "or i dont really know master, but i am known for my skills of training elementals, so they dont burst out killing everything around them when angry" she approved my theory. "are you an elemental too, Felicia...?" she nodded and started walking back to the house. "what kind...?" 

"won't tell boy..." she laughed. "no one knows and no one will..." and she was off. "What The..?!" i shouted and stopped. 


Felicia's P.o.v

"get lost boy...!" i lowly laughed. and entered the house, to find luke talking to gareth. "Gareth..." i shouted, and he nodded. he came over. "dont tell the boys any type of information about me, understood...?" i stomped. he nodded nervous. "what have you told him...?" i growled. "n-nothing Milady!" he assured me that nothing was wrong, but i knew he had done something. "gareth you are dead when i find out" i walked back to my room.

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