Battle of Dark Shadows

Tyra and Gero are brother and sister with the wings of Ravens. They are the Gaurdians of the forest they guard until one day, an evil threat had caused Forest rages. Something had happened between the two Gaurdians and they both were separated. Gero had turned to the darkness that had struck the forest for his cowardness and want of power. The forest will now depend on Tyra to turn away from the darkness and fight against not only the darkness. But her brother that leads it.


2. The Change Begins.

           "Come one, Genro! The rams are too far ahead." I shouted behind my brother, who is as slow as a slug. He sighs, annoyed. "it's not my fault they started on the run again. But I didn't see any wolves or bears." He shouted after her. That was true. Hunters like wolves and bears were the main reason why the rams fled their homeland, but this was different. "Maybe they are sensing something, like a volcano or something. Whatever we don't know or sense." He shouted again. "Maybe, but we have to keep going and bring them ho-look!" I shouted, pointing at small shaped moving at the same direction the rams are. "Rabbits, deer, even wolves aren't hunting them, but running as well. What is going on?" He said.

          I take my spear and point it straight towards the sun. The spear began to glow and small rays begin to shoot out, making a gate to block the animals' path. "Really? was that necessary?" genro shouted behind me. I ignore him and land in front of the barrier. The animals looked all scared, going wild everywhere and trying to break the barrier. Something was wrong, and it's scaring them. Genro lands next to me. "This doesn't look good. If it were something to do with the weather, we could have known that by now. Maybe there's something they know that we don't." he said. Again, he had a point.

        I lift my spear and silence the crowd. The animals, one by one, started to calm down. "Ok. Can someone please tell me what is going on?" I ask them. A weasel stands on it's front and puts it's front paws against the barrier. "Please, you must let us out. You don't understand." She cried. She sounded scared and her kids were crying. "What is it?" I ask her. "Their's a darkness, something's coming our way. We must escape it." Her mate said next to her. I looked at her, confused. "Darkness?". I looked at my brother. usually, he senses change, but he shrugged. "Are you telling me you dont feel that? it's not hard to miss." a fox said next to them. 

        That was when i felt it. I shuddered at the presence of fear and agony. the animals reacted and wailed. I flew up and took out the barrier. Everyone ran, even jumped over before the barrier was fully out. Genro looked at me. "We have to go. We must make sure these animals are safe, where ever they go." He said. i nodded. We followed the animals west and towards the mountains. It is not that far, but the Guardians there don't like us for some reason. Maybe because they blame our hunters for stealing prey? But what choice do we have? I am sure they felt this darkness as well.

        Genro was lengths behind me, making sure the animals in the back are safe. He stopped, looking back. There, up in the sky and not far from us, was a dark cloud covering the sky. It swept over us and blocked the sun. It looked like there was going to be a heavy storm, but these were not rain clouds. The animals stopped running and cried "there is no escape. we will all perish." i landed on a clearing and looked around for anything unusual besides the clouds. Genro landed next to me. "see anything?" i asked him. "no." he replied, looking somewhat serious. He never is serious. 

       Moments later, a large, black portal began to open. Everyone, even me, gasped and looked at it as it spewed black mist trails towards us. I flew up and shouted "everyone, get away from the mist and keep heading west." I firmly grasped my staff and it began to glow. i dont know what will happen, but i have to try. i shot a ball of destructional light toward one of the closest mist trails. When it hit, i heard a cracking noise and it disappeared. That was a gamble, but it worked. i continued firing at the trails that tried to attack the animals. But more and more were coming "Genro, where are you?" i yelled. shouldnt he be helping me? i saw him just standing there, staring at the portals. but he seemed happy for some reason. This whole place is under chaos. did he not just hear me? i flew towards him and knocked him from his place. "You idiot. what are you doing?" i yelled at him. He looked at me, got up, and pointed his spear at me. i gasped. there was something strange about his eyes. the way he looked at me. did he not rekcognize me? "....Genro?" i said. his spear began to glow. "Genro, what are you-" i was interrupted by a cracking sound. i looked down to see a large crack forming on the dirt, then split. That was Genro's doing. 

        I shot away from him. i knew it wasnt safe, but what happened to him? did he get scared and forget everything? spliting the ground mean't yes. i could tell already that i was no longer his sister.






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