Battle of Dark Shadows

Tyra and Gero are brother and sister with the wings of Ravens. They are the Gaurdians of the forest they guard until one day, an evil threat had caused Forest rages. Something had happened between the two Gaurdians and they both were separated. Gero had turned to the darkness that had struck the forest for his cowardness and want of power. The forest will now depend on Tyra to turn away from the darkness and fight against not only the darkness. But her brother that leads it.


1. Prologue

An old dragon walks from the forest to the river. His black and blue scales blend in the darkness of night. His blue eyes reflect as he stares down at the water. His old, wrinkly face makes him want to jump back, but he stays there. Another image appears next to him. It was a yellow dragon with purple stripes and purple eyes. "Seria. Why did you leave me? We had such a perfect life and now you left me." He said tithe image of a female dragon he called Seria. He looked to his right, she was not there. He sighs and looks back at the water. "Oh, the Heavens of my Soul, tell me something. What is there I need to know if this world?" He calls at the stars that twinkled in his words. Nothing happened. Anger urged him as he looked back down at the watch, watching the Stars' reflection. Moments later after waiting, the dragon blinks and turns his head when he saw a star shoot off in the reflection. He Gasped and looked back at the water. "Is, is this..." He couldn't finish his sentence when more and more starts began to shoot, the. The wind began to pick up. The dragon looks around. The trees are dancing to the wind had the water moves from the shore, creating a giant wave. The dragon looks at the wave and steps back, excpecting the wave to crash against him. But the wave just go bigger and bigger. It didn't evem fall nor touch the ground. The dragon was astonished and stepped towards the wave. The water was still running up, but the wave did not grow any more. Then the middle of the wave began to glow. A sphear began to form and continued to glow. The dragon had to close his eyes and cover his face with his wings.

      The light then began to dim. A voice arose from the ball of light. Slowly, the dragon began to remove his wings and looked toward the light. Whispers. one stood out to them all. "In the time being, there will be two, and now one. One that will break the darkness of this world. Will spread their wings and quench the darkness." it was Seria. "Seria! Is that you?" the dragon exclaimed. A bright but dark figure appeared to him, the shape of his former mate. "my love, a threat has risen once again. You will lead an army of souls to stop this darkness, but not to bring an end to it." she said, with a calm, sweet voice.

      " But who will. If it is that same darkness that had struck 50 years ago, who will, other then me?" He challenged her. 50 years ago, he had brought an end to the darkness that she was referring to. but now, he was powerless and does not have much time.

     The old dragon began to growl. Not at Seria, though. "Him. Its Him again. He waited for the perfect time for me to become weak and old. That bastard. This One you are referring to should be stronger then me to defeat him. I know he has been growing stronger since I defeated him." he said. Seria sighed. "We have chosen wisely. You will meet her soon when the time comes." She said to him. The old dragon blinked. "Her?"

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