For You

Mia and Adam... The modern day star crossed lovers.


1. the end where it all began.

It is not just a story. It is my life.

People seem to retelling my recovery as their own, over exaggerating and putting events in that were never there. Everyone knows the ending. I woke up with my boyfriend at my bedside. However, there is a part they do not know.

I woke up deaf. Adam was trying to talk to me and I couldn't hear a thing, not even a murmur. I was so confused, seeing as I had been able to hear whilst in acoma. Adam must have called for the doctor. A tall man with grey stubble spattered across his jaw exaimened me and began speaking. I watched as he furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and maybe even frustration. He left then. Adam sat next to me and held my hand tightly, as if he was afraid I was going to slip away.


"I love you." I said, only I couldn't hear myself say it.


I carefully watched his lips as he said the words back. I smiled and brushed a tear from his cheek as he blinked down at me. The doctor returned with a nurse in tow. They checked me over again before speaking to Adam. He nodded and squeezed my hand so I guessed that it was bad.

The nurse write something down on a white board before flipping it to show me.


'You need a hearing aid. Is that okay?'


I could only nod is astonishment. I didn't know it was that bad. I only assumed it was partial or temporary. They left Adam and I for a while before returning and asking Adam to leave. He was already leaving me again.


When I woke up, I could hear again. Adams soft singing filled the room and I turned in his direction.


"Hey." He whispered softly.

"Hi." I replied, my voice sounding raspy and dry.

"You are one tough cookie, you know that right?" He said to me, squeezing my hand.

"I only stayed foryou".u


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