Love been taken

Harry is a smart person but the day he saw a girl, he changed completely. Bad grades........... Her name was Anne and she was new to the school and one day the teacher told Harry to show the school to her. He was nervous. But someone keeps blocking their LOVE!!


2. Dating!

Harry P.O.V

I was very happy and so we walked back to class. The bell rang for lunch and Hanadi asked me if she could play with me and I was like sure! When we were walking our hand s touch and I became nervous and I looked over and she seem smiling? I smiled too. I felt that I was falling for her. We walked until we reached a grass area to eat. She had delicious food and I had a sandwich. She asked me if I wanted some and I said no.


Hanadi P.O.V

We were walking and our hands touched and I smiled. I think i'm in love with him, but when should I tell him? We walked until we reached the grass area and sat down and ate our lunch. I took a breathe and I told Harry that I LIKED HIM! He was shocked and of course I blushed. I was embarrassed. He kept staring at me and I looked around and quickly kissed him on the lips. He smiled and blushed! He kissed me again and I blushed again. We talked and held hands back to class when the bell rang.

Harry P.O.V

We sat down and ate and she started talking but she told me she liked me? I was shocked and I saw her blushed. Then she kissed me and she smiled so I kissed her back and the bell rang and we held hands back to class. We always looked at each other during the class and we blew kisses to each other. She smiled and I smiled.

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